Singaporean Jian Yang Makes Barbie Doll Dresses Out Of Tissue, Napkins, Lettuce And Cash

One Singaporean guy is living out all of our childhood dreams, with one of the largest doll collections in the world.

Jian Yang, a Barbie lover, has spent more than 20 years amassing a collection of more than 9,000 dolls.

Around 6,000 of them alone are Barbie dolls.

Here’s just a tiny peek at his massive collection

He’s such a big fan of dolls that he’s taken to creating special outfits for his dolls out of tissue and other everyday objects that most wouldn’t consider fashionable.

The dresses he puts together for his dolls are stunning, and definitely could’ve only been done by someone who really pays attention to the minute details.

Here’s a look at some of the most interesting outfits created by Jian Yang:

1. The Princess look


To start off, here’s a dress that he created with four napkins he found at the bottom of his pocket.

If any of us on the MustShareNews team found napkins in our pocket, we’d probably just have used it to blow our nose.

2. The edgy cheongsam look


According to his Instagram, he created this outfit 20 years ago, back when he was in University.

He fashioned this cheongsam out of paper, and even redid the make-up on the barbie’s face. Considering this outfit is from two decades ago, the thigh-high slit is pretty reminiscent of today’s fashion.

3. The popstar look


Jian Yang put this ingenious outfit together with foil scraps from his dinner. Plus points for being a thrifty fashionista, we gotta say.

Is it just us, or does this look like something Lady Gaga could totally pull off? We’re thinking he should make a meat dress for one of his Barbie’s, too.

4. The fashion icon look


We really think Jian Yang must’ve been thinking about Audrey Hepburn when he made this dress.

The attention he pays to detail is impeccable, evident by the consistent bow detailing on the Barbie’s collar, belt, and bag.

5. The golden look


Not gonna lie, we aspire to be this level of glam.

Remember during Chinese New Year, when people were selling branded angbaos on Carousell? Well, this is a Lamborghini angbao, designed to look like an haute-couture gown.

We can only imagine showing up for Chinese New Year in this magnificent outfit in our wildest dreams.

6. The classic look


We’re completely blown away by his ability to create such fashionable attire with the most unexpected materials.

That adorable lil’ hat with roses was made with a cup cover from a hotel room he was staying at. Not only that, but the dress was made out of airline serviettes, as was the clutch.

This looks like a brunch outfit that we’d like to get our hands on.

7. The baller look


Can someone please tell us where we can get a dress made out of money?.

Because we really want one.

Who knew ten-dollar bills would make for such a great #OOTD. This is the definition of dress goals.

8. The ice cold look


Jian Yang constructed this dress using serviettes from a gelato place in Tokyo, Japan.

We love the Grecian-inspired toga, and how he’s used the ends of the napkin to create scalloped edges at the slit.

9. The edible look


Honestly, we didn’t expect his dresses to make us so hungry. Beyond inspiring us to up our style game, we’re inspired to bust open a pack of Mamee noodles.

Jian Yang even added Mamee noodles to the top of her hat for a fire-y flare. Kinda like the icing on the cake, we’d like to call it.

Bonus: The “playing with food” look


In this last piece, he’s taken inspiration from a salad in this last outfit.  Now, no one would’ve ever thought that lettuce looks good on, instead of in a salad.

But to be fair, food as fashion really works for Barbie.

Barbie goals

To be honest, we can’t help but swoon over all of Jian Yang’s work.

The amount of detail and hard work that goes into creating his miniature outfits is unbelievable.

When contacted about his internet fame from his creations, Jian hilariously had this to say,

It’s been 5 days and I still find it terribly amusing that the world is discussing my toilet habits. To all the hotel housekeeping staff that were probably wondering about these naked dolls in this guy’s room – this is what was happening.

If you’re a fan of Jian Yang’s work, check out his Instagram, where he regularly posts pictures of the outfits he creates for his Barbies.

He’s also the brains behind @payitforwardtoys, a viral campaign which involved him leaving his toys in random Singapore locations for lucky people to find.

As for when Jian Yang will release his Barbie clothing designs as clothing for adults, we can’t say.

He currently has a day job as a business director with SPRG Singapore.

But if you’re reading Jian, we’d snap up your collection in a heartbeat.

Featured image from Jian Yang’s Instagram