Batman’s Latest Vehicle Has Crawled Into VivoCity And You Can See It Up Close For Free

It’s official. The Dark Knight has left his Bat Cave for a spin around VivoCity in his latest armored vehicle, the Nightcrawler. Although we can’t get a test drive, a picture is close enough.

We asked for a test drive, but Batman said no. 

The world’s first built-to-scale model of Batman’s most advanced ride yet will be available in VivoCity for public viewing from now until 3 Dec at no charge.

Featured in the highly anticipated Justice League movie, Director Zack Snyder describes the Nightcrawler as a spider-like vehicle with a flamethrower on top.

Top Secret

This top secret year-long project was originally kept hush-hush by Justice League filmmakers.

But the Nightcrawler or Knightcrawler, according to Channel NewsAsia, will now be displayed in all its glory in a world-exclusive exhibition at VivoCity.

Spanning 14m across and 3.4m high (almost one-storey high), it took one and a half days to assemble on-site.

You can check out a time-lapse video of this tedious process here:

Batman Has Pimped His Ride

Eagle-eyed DC fans may have caught a glimpse of the Nightcrawler in action in the teaser trailer of the movie.

As shown onscreen, Batman’s swanky hybrid electric vehicle is designed to navigate tricky terrain and narrow spaces.


Its spider-like mechanical legs are said to function independently, allowing it to scale vertical walls and crawl into ventilation shafts. The Nightcrawler also boasts an impressive weaponry line-up that is sure to knock fanboys off their seats.


Stealth-capable, it is fully equipped with an arsenal of weapons including missile and rocket launchers.


Because Batman’s superpower is money, he’s also thrown in a flamethrower, Howitzer cannon and two retractable .50 caliber machine gun turrets into the mix.

Legions Of DC Fans Will Descend Upon VivoCity

Since Batman is using his Nightcrawler to promote his new Justice League movie, it’s time for legions of his fans to assemble.

If you’re a Batman fan, you should probably dust off your Halloween Justice League costumes and head over to VivoCity now.

If you’re not a fan of crowds though, you may want to steer clear of VivoCity this weekend.

Featured image from VivoCity’s Facebook.