Well-Dressed Men With LV Bags Are Asking For Money Around City Hall


Asking For Money At City Hall

It seems like conmen are getting less subtle in their attempts to swindle Singaporeans of their hard-earned money.

According to a Facebook post by a netizen named Ethan Wang, two alleged scammers were seen making their rounds in the City Hall area recently. Here’s what they look like:


Their modus operandi? Telling passers-by that they had lost their wallets and asking them for emergency money.

All this, while appearing well-dressed and carrying Louis Vuitton bags.

“You’re asking *me* for money?”

Asking For More

On the surface, this sounds reasonable — if you’re stranded without cash, it’s not entirely out of line to seek the help of a kind Samaritan. Ethan also thought so at first — he had previously given them $2 “out of sympathy”.

However, but the alleged scammers reportedly told him that the amount wasn’t enough, and asked for $20 instead.

I just really hate people preying on someone’s kindness and sympathy. I really hate this kind of people… They claim that $2 is not enough, they asked for $20. That was what pissed me off in the first place.

$2 would allow you to take bus or MRT home to get home, or to a bank to get a replacement ATM card. Why would one need $20?

Here’s Ethan’s post in full:

Other Potential Victims

From the comments on his post, Ethan wasn’t the only person supposedly targeted — at least two others recalled similar incidents that happened to them in the past.

According to Min Zheng, she was approached by the conmen along Orchard Road, who, once again, had tragically lost their wallets. They also claimed to be staying at the nearby Shangri-La hotel.

Another netizen, Joanne, alleged that she was approached by two men at the Esplanade. The duo asked her for money to settle his meals as the friend they were supposed to meet didn’t show up.

Citizen Policing

Ethan did call the police to intervene, but the urge to dish out moral justice was too overwhelming and he eventually took matters into his own hands.

According to Ethan he had met the man in black before, and had been approached by 3 times. Each time he was approached, the same “lost wallet” excuse was fielded.

A fellow netizen, aptly named Kimberley Princess Gold, offered the police some advice on how to catch the unscrupulous figures red-handed.

Losing Their Minds

Meanwhile, for these men, if they’re not conmen they may need some memory drills — one should surely be getting some help if they’re misplacing their wallets with such frightening efficiency.

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