10 Singapore Jobs That Pay More Than Well

For some, their job is their passion — they do what they do because they love it, and follow their heart, not the money.

But for many others, their job is just a way for them to be able to afford that yearly vacation to Bali or branded handbag they’ve been lusting after.

Well, we think it’s better to have a bit of both — after all, passion is great but it doesn’t fill your stomach.

Work And Get Paid Well

So let’s have the best of both worlds, and work at a job that you’re passionate about and pays well.

To help you, we took a look at the 2017 Singapore Salary report by professional services recruitment consultancy Morgan McKinley and compiled the top 10 jobs that will leave you rolling in money — provided, of course, you have 3 to 5 years experience in the relevant field and the relevant academic qualifications.

We left out the businessmen and politicians, as what they earn can be subjective. (For businessmen it depends on how they run their business, and for politicians, it depends on what the people who elect them let them get away with.)

10. Financial Accountant (Monthly Median Wage: $8,300)


Financial accountants are in charge of tracking the finances of a company for various purposes. This is done by scouring through the company’s list of monetary transactions to reveal any discrepancies or problems.

Accountants can both work in-house or for an accounting firm, which sources them to clients.

If you have a keen eye for detail and a knack at numbers, then this may be your calling.

9. Supply-Chain Manager ($8,500)


Most of the best-paid jobs tend to be indoor jobs, and not well suited for the outdoorsy type.

However, being a supply chain manager may be a little different.

A huge part of this job is to get down and dirty with workers and to oversee the flow of goods and services from the company’s inventory to the consumers. This job requires a lot of hard work and sweat, with excellent leadership skills.

If you prefer the hustle and bustle of a warehouse over a quiet dull office, this is the job for you.

8. End-User Programmers ($9,200)


These programmers are really special. Instead of programming apps that can be used by consumers, they design platforms for creators to design more apps.

Think Adobe Photoshop or iMovie… yeah, it’s pretty darn cool.

Who will watch the watchers? We don’t know, but these guys create the creators.

7. Business Analyst ($9,200)


Business analysis is no joke; it requires a lot of intelligence and tact.

The primary work of an analyst is to observe a dissect a company’s business model and look for any shortcomings in the strategies being used by the company.

They then come up with technical solutions for the business problems.

A career as a business analyst is sure to interest anyone with a flair for detective work.

6. IT Developer ($10,200)


20 years ago, a job in the tech industry may have been frowned upon for being unstable, but now, it’s one of the hottest jobs in the planet.

The market for IT developers in Singapore is booming as companies start to invest tons of money into R&D.

Any tech-savvy millennial with the patience to sit through hours of coding should seriously consider a career in the lucrative tech industry.

5. Network Maintenance Engineers ($10, 400)


Virtually every company in the world relies on the Internet to keep their business afloat.

Network maintenance engineers are the people working hard in the background to do that. They prevent network crashes and are rewarded rather handsomely for it.

A good maintenance engineer will surely need to stay calm when problems arise and would need to act without delay. Conglomerate giants like Google have several million drivers to keep their search engine running, and these guys are the ones ensuring that the drivers don’t crash.

Pretty impressive right?

4. Market Risk Analyst ($11,600)


Market risk analysts use their experience and knowledge of an industry to provide advice on possible investments. These analysts conduct in-depth research to provide a comprehensive picture of the relevant market.

They then provide their suggestions to their clients for investment.

The business markets fluctuate every minute, so staying on top of your game is paramount.

But hey, the commission sure brings home the bacon, so who’s to complain?

3. Surgeon ($12,500)


Anybody who has watched TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy knows about the literally cut-throat nature of the life of a surgeon, though of course these shows are highly dramatised.

Saving lives is no mere feat, and these guys are heroes everyday.

With great power comes great responsibility too, as surgeons face insane amounts of stress everyday. 80-hour work weeks are typical in a hospital, and it is not for the faint hearted.

Nevertheless, surgery is a highly lucrative profession that pays well too.

2. Legal Associate ($17,500)


This should come as no surprise, as lawyers have been a resident feature in these lists every year.

Think of lawyers, and you would think of the glamour of walking around in expensive, cool-black suits and conversing in witty one-liners.

Unfortunately, real life is not that sweet. The only similarity real lawyers share with the ones on TV dramas is the number of hours they spend at work.

The long arduous hours of scouring through mountains of paperwork is sure to make anybody go mad.

But hey, with such good pay, who’s complaining?

1. Investment Banking Associate ($19,800)


In the pursuit of money, nobody beats investment bankers. These guys literally use money to make more money.

They study the markets and use firms’ money to purchase stocks and bonds. If the markets are in their favour, they win big — a single successful transaction can earn a firm millions of dollars.

Additionally, they help clients raise their value in the capital market.

Of course, these guys take a cut of that money for themselves. No wonder they’re on the top of the list.

Naturally, with great reward comes great risk too. A single mistake by these bankers can cause a company to lose millions of dollars, so a good investment banker not only must have stellar academic records but also impeccable foresight and a steady nerve.

Not All That Glitters Is Gold

While these jobs pay extremely well, they all have their merits and shortcomings — in fact, every job is like that.

It may be alluring to lead the good life, but note that sacrifices may have to be made, as most of these jobs are incredibly soul-sucking and tiring.

Don’t base your job decisions solely on salary — only with passion can you truly find job satisfaction and happiness.

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