Can you believe it’s been a week?

People’s Action Party

Teo Chee Hean on fatherhood

“It’s been a lovely 18 years. Some of the babies I have cuddled have grown, and are probably here!”

Sun Xueling

“We, the PAP have been with you a long time; like an old couple.”

PAP are really going strong with family analogies.

Ng Chee Meng

“I will never let Singapore be bullied.”

The former Chief of Defence flexes his no-nonsense muscle.

Han Hui Hui

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 10.57.49 pmSource

“Why do you want to vote for Sam Tan? Because he gave you S$10 voucher?”

“Reporters ask me why do I not have garlands? I say I am not a vase, why give me flowers?”

She also has some thoughts on LKY.


Worker’s Party

Sylvia Lim on dogs and fortune telling

“Before the last GE…I was doing house visits at Kaki Bukit Division when I was bitten by a dog. We went on to win Aljunied GRC.

About a month ago, while visiting homes at Walmer Drive, I was bitten again, by another dog.

I have a good feeling about this GE.”

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 11.00.07 pmSource

Most people think getting bit by a dog is bad luck. Not Sylvia Lim.

L. Somasundaram

“I want to let you in on something – I was a PAP supporter many, many years ago. Obviously, I am no longer one.”

Leon Perera

“Today, we live in a First World economy but not everyone of us lives in First World conditions.”

National Solidarity Party

Spencer Ng

“We can’t drink after 10.30pm due to Little India riot. Why are we being punished for what foreigners did?”

Eugene Yeo

“All NSP Sembawang candidates will be full-time MPs if elected.”

In case you didn’t know, some MPs hold other full-time job positions together with their MP responsibilities. Tanjong Pagar’s Chia Shi-Lu for example, is a surgeon at SGH.

Singapore People’s Party

Jeanette Chong-Aruldoss

“PAP’s cynical strategy is to announce upgrading just before elections.”

Let’s not forget about SG50 too.


Lina Chiam

“I may be old and elderly, but I got good team behind me and I’m a good organiser”


Have the parties done enough?

Given that the rallying period will soon be coming to an end, it is little surprise that the different parties will have more or less said what they needed to. They promised us alternate policies and more voices in Parliament, but now the question remains: will those be enough to snatch ground from the PAP?


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