Black Poodle Missing Since 14 Oct & Hasn’t Eaten Anything For Past 2 Days

On Monday (14 Oct), a black poodle named Amber parted with her loving owners and has been missing ever since.


In a desperate cry for help, Amber’s owners flooded the net with pictures of their doggo, in hopes of finding their precious girl soon.


According to the Facebook post, Amber has yet to eat anything since the day she went missing, which means she has been going without food for 2 days.

Last seen at Redhill

Amber was last seen at Redhill Market on 14 Oct.


She was also said to be a huge fan of chasing birds, motorbikes and jumping on people.


Amber’s owners also shared that she usually responds to her name. So if you see a black poodle that resembles Amber, don’t hesitate to call out her name. For all you know, you’ve got the right doggo.

Amber’s worried owners are urgently seeking information. If you have any, you can contact her owner here.

For now, MS News hopes that Amber will return safely to her loving home soon.

Feature images adapted from Instagram.