Bleeding Train Passenger Is Largely Ignored, Until Incident Goes Up On Social Media


Train commuter injures herself and travels, unaware of bleeding knee

A post about a commuter’s bloody mishap on the MRT has gone viral.

Facebook user TiQa AtiQah recounted on her social media page how her friend fell while rushing for the MRT doors and scrapped her knees against the floor. The injured lady was left standing while her knees were bleeding. Accompanied by a photo of thick, deep red blood on the train floor, the post was shared over 500 times since 30 Sept.

It turns out that the injured passenger, Raihanah, herself was not aware of the bloody situation until she glanced down onto the floor several stops later. All the while, she was holding her pain.

Perhaps the most uncomfortable part of the whole recount is that no one had noticed or come forward to help Raihanah. While she was wearing a long skirt that covered the injury, her ungraceful fall while entering the train would have surely caught some attention and lingering eyes that would have on her.

Perhaps some really did not see the blood, or were too busy on their phones or sleeping or just looking elsewhere.

We figure that Raihanah herself would have probably asked for a seat if the pain was truly unbearable, and someone would have given her the seat eventually. Instead of finger-pointing, we instead wonder why those who did see the blood did not come forward to ask if she needed any help.

Show kindness even when people may not applaud you for it

A survey released in August 2015 by the Singapore Kindness Movement ironically revealed that the society is becoming more gracious and kind. In fact, 84 percent of the nearly 2000 people surveyed rated their own gracious behaviour as either good or excellent.

Perhaps none of these gracious people were on board the train when the incident happened.

Others may have seen it but chose to keep quiet, not because they are heartless, blood-curling creatures but rather, because of the irrational fear of being awkward by being proactive. The feeling of paiseh overrides a call for help. Sometimes a distress call may not be all that obvious when someone is in need.

A society can move forward with becoming more proactive and compassionate, even if there is no reward for doing so.

Doing good on social media and only on social media

At the same time, the same incident was shared on social media and received explosive responses of support. One reason could be simply because on Facebook there are more people who can react to the situation. The other being that there are probably more online social activists than real-life ones.

Increasingly there have been more recounts of good deeds for the community shared online. Often captioned with a hashtag, more people have come out to share their good deeds of the day and receive applause for it.

Let’s be kind to others even when no one is there to “like” it.

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