Blogger Caught In A Sticky Situation

Beauty blogger Charlotte Ashlene had a misadventure when she went to hoping to get a cheaper waxing deal. Despite having had a bad experience at one of its affiliated vendors before, she went ahead with this deal at La Belle Skin beauty parlour. To cut a long story short, her waxer was sloppy, and left some of the sticky wax on her lady bits.

Apart from TMI-ing all of us in the blogosphere, it appears that the La Belle Skin beauty salon also got wind of this bad review. The company emailed the blogger in what appears to be the worse legal threat letter we have seen, which appeared to be composed on a Mobile phone no less.

Yup, This Letter Is Classic


Apart from spelling her name wrong, this quote really takes the cake—”We have discuss [sic]  with our company lawyer and we will use libel and slander legal definition of slander to sue you.”

It looks like someone has been looking up words on Google, and then copying and pasting it half-heartedly into an email. Way to show that your business is totally legit. It’s not as though they understand what libel or slander means—those words mean that someone has written something untrue to besmirch a company’s reputation, which isn’t what the blogger has done.

In fact, she has written about what her waxing experience truthfully and hasn’t compromised her blog’s editorial integrity.

Power To The Blogger

The company could have compensated the blogger for her terrible experience, but this vindictive action shows that they have no idea how to deal with bad press. On top of the bad review, this makes the beauty parlour look incredibly unprofessional, and people would not probably patronise them again.

With the advent of blogging, it’s all too easy to shame people unnecessarily with the likes of STOMP, but Charlotte showed that companies cannot get away with bullying them.

Kudos to Charlotte for taking these guys down—businesses should not get away for treating their customers like this.

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