Amos Yee is basically Nelson Mandela, claims new book

Surely, you would have, by now, heard about Amos Yee.

Yes, we’re still talking about him.

Yes, we’re still talking about Amos Yee

Anyway, it has come to our attention that a certain author named Jason Venning has written a book entitled Singapore’s Mandela : A Brief History of Amos Yee.


Yep, Mr (we’re assuming he’s a Mr) Venning reckons a teenager who went to jail for making videos (and bad photoshop) can be compared to a man who basically ended apartheid. Pretty daring stuff for a literary debut.

Sure, they both went to jail for their efforts, but where the similarities begin is also where they probably end.

About the book

There is precious little about the contents of the book — just a short one-liner tells us almost everything.


Wait a minute — isn’t this basically the plot of The Hunger Games?

In any case, the £3.23 (S$7.06) Kindle e-book is only 26 pages, and was printed without Amos’ knowledge, as evidenced by his completely neutral Facebook post here.

Basically, Amos wasn’t consulted during the writing of this book, but feels completely okay, since he’s one for anti-copyright.

Also, he wants a free copy of the book.

What’s actually inside the book?

Maybe it’s satire. Maybe it’s a collection of detailed reviews of every Amos Yee video on YouTube.

Either way, we have no idea. There’s no way we’re going to pay $7 for a e-copy of an uncommissioned biography of a teenager who makes YouTube videos.

Even Amos wouldn’t pay $7 for his own biography.

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