Singapore’s literature curriculum reimagined

Young fans of The Hunger Games, delight in this new piece of news: Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (SCGS) has made the book a literature text for their Secondary 2 students.

say what

Yup, the popular best-selling book will be making its debut alongside literature veteran The Merchant of Venice. We initially thought that there would be a huge public uproar about the falling quality of literature, but the reaction has been surprisingly positive.

While the inclusion of the book chronicling the adventures of Katniss Everdeen might help attract more students to read literature, there are also the parents who worry about the “gory descriptions” and merciless killing. But we think this could be a step forward in the right direction towards introducing more *cough* interesting books into our educational scene, such as those below.

1. Captain Underpants

captain underpants

Perk: Would get children interested in reading. Everyone loves a simple, funny comic.

Con: No literary value whatsoever apart from teaching children that their school principal may be mentally unstable.

Best for: primary school children

2. True Singapore Ghost Stories


Perk: Popular hit amongst school children. Could inspire more children to explore supernatural occurrences.

Con: There are timid kids around who simply can’t take ghost stories. Like me.

Best for: Upper primary or lower secondary

3. One Man’s View of the World


Perk: Lee Kuan Yew’s wise words should be remembered by all. #GetWellSoonLKY

Con: One shouldn’t teach politics to young kids. Politics can be dirty business at times.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 2.47.07 pm

LKY was referring to Workers’ Party MP Chen Show Mao. Tsk tsk.

Best for: Upper secondary or even junior college students.

4. Mr. Midnight

mr midnight

Perk: Not as scary as True Singapore Ghost Stories, but still interesting enough to keep the children coming even after 87 books.

Con: Choosing one of the 87-book-series to be the specific literature text

Best for: Primary school children

5. Geronimo Stilton


Perk: May help to teach kids about the importance of treating animals well.

Con: Imagine how disappointed those kids will be when they eventually learn that the Rodent Gazette (the fictional newspaper that Geronimo Stilton runs) doesn’t exist.

Best for: Primary school children

6. I Not Stupid

i not stupid

Perk: A simple comic book, but manages to bring across issues such as academic elitism, and societal stereotypes.

Con: No longer relevant. EM1, EM2 and EM3 streaming have been abolished.

Best for: Lower secondary students

7. Twilight


Pro: Commands a large teen following.

Con: Must be used with discretion. Sparkling vampires who use too much SK-II whitening treatment do not actually exist in real life.

Best for: Upper secondary. There’re 498 pages to read through.

8. Mr. Kiasu

mr kiasu

Perk: Funny and relatable.

Con: Kiasu should not be a trait to teach our children.

Best for: Anyone who just wants a good laugh


Happy CNY!

We stopped at eight suggestions because eight in Chinese, 八(ba), sounds like 發 (fa), which means prosperity. And we at MustShareNews want to wish every reader a happy and lucky year ahead.


P.S. Don’t go rushing out to buy the entire trilogy of books just yet. It’s just the first book of the series, so no Mockingjay and no Catching Fire required.

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With reference to The Straits Times