$30 million Learning Forest opens up at Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens has always been a hot destination for nature lovers looking for a day of fun and frolic under the sun.

Aside from getting away from the concrete jungle, you can now spend your day exploring exciting habitats like never before. The Botanic Gardens has just opened a modern-day Learning Forest, the perfect spot for getting close to nature.


From freshwater forests to lowland rainforests, visitors will discover habitats that are home to many exotic species of animals and plants.


The new forest has a whole array of sights that would appease all you outdoorsy types!

Here are the places to check out in the Forest.

Keppel Discovery Wetlands


Take a stroll around the Keppel Discovery Wetlands to peek at the carefully preserved endangered species of flowers! It’s sure to bring out the floral enthusiast in you. 

The freshwater wetlands play host to the Botanists’ Boardwalk and the Orchid Islands, which are sure to transport you to floral fantasy.

I mean, just look at this picture that was expertly taken by PM Lee during the inauguration of the Learning Forest.


SPH Walk of Giants


Does your partner enjoys long romantic walks in nature?

Time to put them to the test.

The SPH Walk of Giants is a 260 metre long boardwalk suspended 6 floors above the forest — the perfect spot for a long walk with that special someone, with the enthralling sounds of Mother Nature keeping you company.

The tall trees and huge variety of plants will give you the shelter you need from the sweltering sun during your morning walks.

Canopy Web

Ever wondered what it feels like to lie down in the forest and watch the sunlight push through the canopy of the tall trees?

No need to go into dreamland, you can experience it right here in Singapore.

The canopy web is specially designed for a relaxing afternoon of reading a book while having the sunlight warmly beating down on your face.

See, even PM Lee enjoys it!



Aside from all this, the forest also hosts many more attractions. More information can be found on the Singapore Botanic Gardens website.

No such thing as a free lunch….really?

99% of things are not free in life, but admission into The Learning Forest definitely is! It is open from 5am to 12mn everyday, except for the SPH Walk of Giants and Keppel Discovery Wetlands which are closed from 7pm-7am for daily maintenance.

Featured Image from Facebook