Santa comes early for the Singapore’s needy this year

Celebrating Christmas doesn’t have to mean splurging all of your money on things during the year-end sales. Marking the festive spirit can also mean helping out the less fortunate members of the society through charity works.

At least, that’s the message the Boys’ Brigade Singapore wants to convey through its annual Share-a-Gift project, which began in late November this year.

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The charitable project aims not only to bring joy to the needy by having the members of Boys’ Brigade deliver food hampers and household items to their homes as gifts, but also to encourage people to volunteer or donate for the cause in the spirit of Christmas festivity.

The food hampers encompass items such as rice, biscuits, halal canned food, and cooking oils.

Despite mainly endeavoring to help the needy attain basic necessities like items mentioned above, in some cases, the Boys’ Brigade also gives out specifically requested items like mattresses and rice cookers.

Strong social media presence helps in generating awareness

Much of the organizers’ success in running the project is owed to its strong online presence, particularly on social media.

Through social media — especially Facebook — the youth organisation is able to update progress on the project, including any volunteer opportunities. The public and participants can also give exposure to the project, by sharing or posting their opinions and participation among their social circles.

This interaction allows the Share-a-Gift project to thrive and amass more donations, compared to previous years, according to Desmond Koh, the executive director of the Boys’ Brigade Singapore.

As a testament to the roles of social media in the project’s success, donations for halal canned food shot up from measly six per cent at the beginning of the project, to 58 per cent in just about a week, thanks to the organizers’ plea.

Racing against time to meet this year’s quotas for some donated items

According to the organizers’ official website, this year’s project strives to reach out to 40,500 beneficiaries.

However, at the time of the writing of this article, the organizers still fall short in meeting the quotas for condiments, biscuit, cooking oil and halal canned food. Currently, organizers claim to have sent the collected donations to 63 per cent of target recipients.

This means the Boys’ Brigade Singapore must race against time in fulfilling the quotas for some of the items, as they only have four days left before the period of collection is due.

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In addition, Boys’ Brigade also needs more volunteer drivers to assist in distributing the food hampers in time for Christmas.

Christmas celebration is about giving and sharing

The Boys’ Brigade Share-a-Gift project was first launched in 1998, as an initiative to kindle the spirit of caring and sharing among Singaporeans during the Christmas season. It was also instituted to instill the charitable values in the volunteers, particularly the members of boys’ brigade.

Thus, we believe aside from enjoying your day with the loved ones, the festivity should also be celebrated by giving something back to the society. So what better way to celebrate Christmas, other than spreading love and brightening someone else’s day?

To help these boys out meet the quotas for donated items, click here to find out more about the donation locations, and click here if you are interested in helping them distribute the items.

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