12 Branded Ang Baos Sold On Carousell

When we receive ang baos on Chinese New Year, most of us would agree that it’s what’s on the inside that counts.


After all, the red envelopes we get are usually freebies from supermarkets or banks.

We certainly didn’t expect to find out that people actually buy and sell designer red packets for an insane amount of money.

After snooping around on Carousell, here are the top 12 most expensive branded red packets, ranked by prices.

1. Cartier


Price: $168

What to expect: 25 pieces each of red and gold packets tastefully packaged within an exclusive Cartier pull-out drawer box.

Cartier’s famous for their fancy designer jewelry, so we’re definitely feeling a similar vibe from these classy envelopes.

2. Credit Suisse


Price: $150

What to expect: These ang baos come in a golden case with laced with suede. There are 16 pieces of red packets with velvet printed flowers per set.

The golden retriever is embossed in gold. Clever move, Credit Swisse.

3. Prada


Price: $150

What to expect: This treasure chest-inspired red packet with gold borders comes in a box of 10.

Nothing screams luxurious like a Prada ang bao. Yes, this is the real deal.

4. Lamborghini


Price: $150

What to expect: The 2018 edition gold packets with a silver bull printed on it is part of a collectible set of 28 pieces.

Bulls are a symbol of diligence and hard work. Kids, if your parents give you a red packet with a bull on it, that is the hidden message.

5. Givenchy


Price: $120

What to expect: A box of 18 red envelopes bling-ified with a gold Givenchy logo.

Words in a gold font slapped onto a red envelope and sold for exorbitant prices. Also known as Givenchy ang baos.

6. Bentley


Price: $120

What to expect: A Bentley-emblazoned hardcover case with 12 artistically textured satin-lined red packets.

Now you don’t have to drive a Bentley to impress your relatives — just flash this with a smile.

7. Bottega Veneta


Price: $98

What to expect: This fancy box of 12 red packets embossed with a bulldog is a VIP-exclusive for 2018. Somehow it’s available for sale on Carousell too.

We don’t always understand high fashion, but I guess we can all agree that this geometric bulldog design is cute.

8. Calvin Klein


Price: $88

What to expect: A transparent Calvin Klein purse featuring a psychedelic artsy graphic of an adorable floppy-eared dog.

This dog’s face captures our dazed expressions the moment we forget our distant relatives’ names when it’s time to bai nian.

 9. Swarovski



Price: $68

What to expect: A set of 8 origami-style red packets each embellished with their own crystal.

If you thought you’ve seen it all when it comes to Swarovski. Think again. Swarovski now embellishes ang baos with gems as well.

10. Rolex


Price: $50

What to expect: A gold crown embossed red packet with a shiny sheen added for good measure. Comes in a box of 10.

We expect no less from Rolex, who surely delivers with these fancy royal envelopes fit for a king.

11. Giorgio Armani


Price: $48

What to expect: 4 red packets with a minimalist style logo and embossed with “福” — which means fortune in Chinese.

Armani keeps it low-key but high-class.

There may be nothing loud about this design but whoever presents this to you must be letting the cash do the talking.

12. Marc Jacobs


Price: $28

What to expect: Simple scallop envelope style red packets that come in a box of 10.

We’re surprised the packet wasn’t lined with “Marc by Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs by Marc by Marc Jacobs”.

Bonus: Rooster year red packets still available at $888


If you’re still reminiscing about the rooster year, we have something for you.

This dual-sided red packet comes in a package of 3, each designed by Work, AlsDoMie and Dominie Press.

A vibrant printed rooster on fabric paper graces one side while a silver holographic rooster is featured on the other.

We think it’s pretty neat, if you can afford it that is.

That was a wild ride

We still can’t stop thinking about the Swarovski crystal-studded ang bao.

Guess we’ll all be paying extra attention to our little red envelopes now, instead of tossing them into the bin after taking out the cash.

Those who receive any of these luxurious designer red packets this CNY, are surely in for a lucky lunar new year indeed.


Featured image from Carousell, Carousell, Carousell and Carousell.