Bukit Panjang LRT Closes At 11.30pm Daily For Renovations Till 2024

Bukit Panjang LRT – the nation’s oldest light rail system – has faced numerous criticisms since its inception in 1999.


These complaints included jerky rides, ‘misted’ windows with weird timing & unreliable doors that have kiap-ed unsuspecting commuters or been left hanging open while in transit.


Finally, a much needed renewal is on the cards for the ailing tracks — scheduled for completion in the next 4 years.

To prepare for the upcoming makeover, the LRT system has been shuttered from 11.30pm daily since 13 Jan 2019.

Here’s what residents can look forward to once renovations are complete by 2024.

Early closures from Jan 2020 to 2024

The early closures which will continue from January 2020 till 2024 will help accelerate the LRT system’s extreme makeover.

Bombadier – the company that’s maintaining the network – will be attempting to refresh the following functions:


  • Power rail system upgrade
  • Replace the signalling system
  • Replace all 19 first-gen light rail trains
  • Upgrade 13 Light Rapid Vehicles (LRVs) since 2015
  • Equip system with predictive maintenance capabilities

How will the upgrades help commuters enjoy smoother journeys? LTA outlines some perks that the trains will have after the extensive overhaul.

New signalling system to reduce waiting times

A more advanced signalling system will reduce waiting intervals for commuters as trains run more closely to each other.


SMRT also boasts of “better speed, location & condition-tracking” which will help to detect faults for maintenance as early as possible via “smart sensors”.

Stronger air-con, brand new cabins & misting windows

Hopefully, Bukit Panjang residents will be able to bid bumpy rides goodbye for good, thanks to more “robust power rail brackets” and real-time monitoring of the rail alignment.


Spanking new train cabins are also expected, boasting “smart climate control systems” & “high ventilation air-con” to combat the worst of Singapore’s humidity.

Energy efficient LED lights will also make the power usage a lot more efficient, with a “more reliable misting window”.

Take note of late night buses to get back home

Those concerned about going home via public transport after 11.30pm can consider hopping on these late night buses:

  • Bus Service 920
  • Bus Service 922
  • Bus Service 973
  • Bus Service 974

They’ll be extending bus services till 1.00am & Downtown Line’s Bukit Panjang MRT station will also operate with regular trains, if you’re heading back from town.

No more bumpy rollercoaster LRT rides please

From the Transport Minister referring to the network as an “afterthought” to residents complaining about the bumpy ride resembling a rollercoaster thanks to uneven tracks — the OG LRT system in Singapore has come a long way in 20 years.


We hope these promised changes will allow our light rail trains to finally reach a standard of service that will benefit all residents – both young & old – in Bukit Panjang.

Featured image adapted from LTA.