Bus Driver Captured Looking Like He Dozed Off While Driving Bus In Video

[UPDATE 8/5]: SBS Transit has clarified that their driver did not doze off, but was experiencing “neck pains” which led to his peculiar posture.

Taking a nap on a long bus ride? Sure. Just make sure you aren’t the driver.

In a shocking 24-sec video clip uploaded by a Facebook user, the SBS bus driver seems to be nodding off at the wheel.

Instead of waking the driver up, the person behind the lens decided to film the nap, at the risk of endangering the lives of the entire bus load of passengers.

Check it out below.

Nods off multiple times

The bus driver appears to nod off multiple times during the course of the ride.


His head dips dangerously close to the steering wheel, in a consecutive series of what appears to be snoozes.

An EZ-link card device also appears occasionally in the foreground of the video, as the bus ploughs through a few road bumps.

Whether the bumpiness of the ride is due to uneven terrain or the bus uncle’s driving style – it remains unclear.

Thankfully, the bus uncle seems to return to some measure of wakefulness by the end of the video.

Bus appears to ply Boon Keng route


From the looks of the scenery that’s flashing by in the video, some have identified the route plied as somewhere in Boon Keng.


Right past here, to be exact — along 34 Whampoa West.

Mixed reactions

Netizens have expressed pity for the bus uncle, who may “lose his job” for ‘dozing off’ while driving.


Others condemned the dangerous act, as the lives of the passengers were at risk.


Some focused on the intentions of the person behind the camera, who did not appear to wake the driver up.


Stay alert on the roads

With the recent spate of road accidents, we don’t deny that it’s pretty inexcusable to nod off on the job.

Especially with the lives of many passengers at stake.

However, we do hope that bus drivers are accorded adequate rest in between their jobs, to avoid similar situations in the future.

Featured image from Facebook.