‘Bef Winstedt Rd’ Bus Stop Railing Has Netizens Scratching Their Heads

A picture uploaded on Facebook yesterday (23 May) really made it seem like the government wanted to turn Singapore into a truly sporting nation.

The photo depicted what appeared to be a bizarre design twist, whereby a railing was erected right in front of a bus stop.

See it for yourself: here’s the netizen’s post, along with a picture of what went ‘wrong’.


But how’s such a no-brainer even possible?

Could it be an issue with the angle of the photo or is it fake news?

Google Maps proves its real

Nope. Photos of the area from Google Maps show that there is indeed a railing sitting conveniently in front of the bus stop.



Are Singaporeans now supposed to high jump over an obstacle course to get into buses?

Netizens weigh in

Some said that the weird arrangement is only a temporary phenomenon.


Others who had the recent bus accident in mind said it’s probably to keep vehicles from mounting the kerb.


But the most compelling reason put forth is this:

There is no space to put the bus stop in front of the bus bay.

You see, a re-inspection of the area reveals another anomaly: the bus bay itself is before the bus stop, and not directly in front of it.


A bus stop simply cannot fit on the thin pavement between the bus bay and the petrol station.

But that doesn’t explain the railing.

A netizen has an idea. Perhaps it’s to prevent unobservant pedestrians, and what he terms “phone zombies” from falling onto the road.


Some internet trouble

But the incident was not wholly lighthearted.

As with almost every online post, there were critics.

The Facebook page, Fabrications About The PAP got wind of the original post and effectively accused the netizen of “suppress[ing] key facts, and suggest[ing] something which is untrue”.

You can view their post here:


Other netizens in the comments have also called her “stupid” and “ignorant”.


No personal attacks, please

The netizen who first posted the image on Facebook replied that she did not “mean to mislead anyone”.

Calling for greater online tolerance and to not be subjected to comments telling her “how stupid” she is, she said, “don[‘t] have to get personal with the comments”.

Here’s her reply:


No extra exercise, huge relief

Turns out we won’t be getting any fitter from practicing high jumps over the railings at this bus stop.


What a relief.

Featured image from Facebook and Google Maps.