Butter Factory Announces Closure

If you’ve ever had a wild night out, you’d know that Butter Factory is the place to go. Sadly, this club is closing down in March due to a disagreement over the rent. The owners are looking for a new space, but they will be exploring a different concept that makes the club “radically different“. Oh well, that means it’s the end of days for Butter Factory. Here’s a walk down memory lane as we relive our awesome times at the club.

https://www.instagram.com/p/rcQWQ8tP20/embed/ [Instagram Post Content Removed]
We’ll never forget how sibeh zhng the club looks like just before the party starts.

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We’ll remember how epic ’80s night was…

https://www.instagram.com/p/rySk5XORK6/embed/ [Instagram Post Content Removed]
and celebrating New Year in fun costumes.


Hanging out with models? Awesome.

http://instagram.com/p/rJZi_jRL-u/embed/ [Instagram Post Content Removed]
It’s not a Butter Factory party if you don’t make fun of the DJ.


Seriously, though. We <3 them!


It’s about having fun with friends…


Even if they look like they came from the circus.


We’ll remember this place for all the love and fun times.


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It’s so hard to say goodbye.

To help you relive the good times, Butter Factory has started the hashtags #goodbyeButter and #ButteredforLife for clubbers to tag their photos.

Featured image via Fotog33kgraphy