Hiring a cab in hazy conditions

Waiting for a taxi amid the haze can be pretty difficult, with the acrid air causing all of sorts of health problems. Thankfully for Singaporeans though, there are taxi drivers out there who are understanding and kind-hearted enough to make the process easier.

A customer recently shared on Facebook an unexpected message that melted his heart after booking a cab of this particular taxi driver. In the message, the taxi driver advised the customer to stay indoors till he arrived and would not start the meter till he picked up the customer.

Aww! How sweet.

Low-key figure

The taxi driver however has decided to remain out of the limelight as he believes he is just doing what is right. His act of kindness and modesty deserve recognition and plaudits, as these qualities can inspire Singaporeans to keep on helping one another.

This story can be used as a motivation for us to always lend a helping hand whenever possible.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

True Character of Singaporeans

Singaporeans may time to time appear tough on the on the exterior, but deep down they are truly a bunch of people who are warm and caring.

Singaporeans are a little like durians — hard on the outside but definitely soft on the inside as this incident goes to show people.

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Featured image via Facebook
With reference from Facebook