This holiday season, Cadbury epitomizes the giving spirit by giving away chocolates to members of the public. But instead of simply handing it out, the chocolate manufacturer chose to sneak the treats into unsuspecting Singaporeans via Santarina.

In the video that has been making the rounds on social media, a Santarina sneaks around the island, slotting bars of Cadbury chocolate into bags and purses, awaiting that priceless moment of surprise when they discover they have been #GiftPocketed.

The video, which features a mischievous Santarina getting into all sorts of trouble all in the name of stealth, has attracted over 3,500 like on Facebook, as well as positive comments for its whimsical theme.


Those featured in the video have also expressed their gratitude for this unique ad. And also the chocolate.


Catch the video here:

Why does she have to sneak around though? Not like anyone in their right mind would turn down free chocolate..right?