Capital 21 Mall Opening Near Singapore

Wow, great. You’ve just scrolled through Instagram and everyone you know is on overseas vacation and having the time of their lives. And you are stuck in a packed bus on the way to work, slowly developing intimacy issues.

You’d love to explore the world too, but have neither the time nor the money — well, why not visit a nearby mall that brings you around the world in a single building?


Around The World In A Day

You may not be able to travel the world, but Capital group now brings the world to you with the thematic Capital 21.

The mall is opening right outside our doorstep in Johor Baru and it’s shopping goals.


Each storey of the mall is themed to simulate a trip into a different country, and the design plan is amazing.

Let’s take a virtual tour of Capital 21:

Middle East/Africa Level

If you like the mystery of the Middle East, or the lush greenery of the African Serengeti, then you will be thrilled to know that Capital 21 has a whole floor themed to suit your fancy,

However, you can avoid the heat in Africa thanks to the air-conditioning that should keep you cool and frosty.


Australia Level

Think of Australian food and amazing coffee comes to your mind.

Soon, you could save the airfare and experience the laid-back Australian culture right in Johor.


America Level

Long to live the American Dream, but without Donald Trump the party pooper? Head across the Causeway instead.


Europe Level

Hate mediocre airplane food and long-haul flights, but want to take in the architectural grandeur of Europe?

Fret not, for “mini Europe” is coming to Capital 21 real soon.


Asia Level

A little familiarity is always comforting. If all the “world touring” has overwhelmed you, stick closer to home in little Asia.

The neon lights will look great on Instagram.



World Museum

If you’re even too lazy to go up and down the floors of the mall, fret not.

The World Museum at Capital 21 will allow you to enjoy 21 different cultures from around the world in the same place.



According to The Star, Capital 21 is named after the 21 different “capitals”  that it features in the World Museum. Some of them are country capitals, while others are prominent in their own way.

The 21 capitals are Los Angeles, Switzerland, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Washington DC, Madrid, Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Athens, Istanbul, Cairo, Dubai, New Delhi, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul, Sydney and Hawaii (Not a city, actually, but who cares about geography when you’re in a mall?).

A Stone’s Throw Away

This exciting new development is just 20 minutes from the Causeway, so day trips to Malaysia will get a lot more interesting.

Here’s its exact location:


Coming Soon

While Capital 21 is currently still under construction, it’s expected to be completed very soon.


When it’s completed, there will be no need to feel left out of vacations any longer. You can make your friends jealous by posting pictures from different countries in just one day!

Featured images from Facebook