Someone Jumps On Car To Pose For A Picture, At St James Power Station Again

Caught a glimpse of the viral car-jumping video last Saturday?

The culprit has since been arrested, and is facing a possible fine of up to $2,500 and up to 6 months’ jail.

However, there’s been another case of car-jumping over the same weekend.

At – get this – near the exact location outside St James Power Station where the first incident took place.


We sincerely hope this is not becoming a trend.

Facebook user Stan Cheng uploaded the bizarre 48-sec video on Tuesday (8 May).

A woman is seen jumping onto the hood of his stationary car after exiting the club, to the apparent amusement of her friends.


Running towards car in an embrace

In the wee hours of Sunday morning (7 May), at around 2am, the woman in question is seen exiting the building with three other companions.

One of her companions spots Mr Cheng’s car and runs towards it happily.

A woman dressed in a black T-shirt, jeans and light-coloured scarf hops onto the hood of the car.


And proceeds to hug it, while her friends appear amused by her antics.


Leaps off the car in a star jump

Next, the scarfed woman moves into a pose as she lies propped up on her right hand on the hood of the car.


Presumably for her companions to take a picture of her, in the midst of her deed.


The woman then leaps off the car in a star jump and returns to the company of her friends.

Netizens incensed

Netizens apparently did not find the antics of this woman amusing.

Some brought up the fact that “the other guy has been arrested” and wished the “idiot who did this”, good luck.


Others pointed out that since “no damages to the car” were made, the culprit would just “get [away with] a severe warning from the police”.


One netizen also pointed out that since this is the second car-jumping incident outside St James Power Station, it could be “getting trendy”.



Someone’s always watching

Of course, two car-jumping incidents in the span of a weekend certainly do not equate a clear trend.

And this case isn’t as severe as the first – the 72-year-old driver felt threatened and incurred damages to his car.

However, it’s still disturbing to imagine that some people find jumping onto a stranger’s car in the middle of the night amusing.

We hope they remember that thanks to dash cams, someone’s always watching.

Featured image from Facebook, Facebook and Facebook.