Top 7 Pre-Valentine’s Day Searches On Carousell

So apparently 19,070 strangers met last year on Valentine’s Day for a Carousell exchange.


That’s Carousell, not Tinder. We’re serious.

And how did we know this?


We stumbled upon Carousell’s photo album on Facebook recently, showcasing some interesting figures.

Turns out, the website’s no longer just a place to sell your Yeezys or buy K-pop boyband albums.

Here are 7 love-related listings on Carousell that shed a little light on the practicalities of romance in Singapore.

Whether you’re single or taken, we’re sure you’ll definitely find something #sorelatable.

1. Ex’s items


You may not have found everlasting love, but at least you can cash in on some revenue, right?

By putting their ex’s items on sale, seems like upwards of 35,000 people agree.

In particular, we hope the seller who’s selling her ex’s Darth Vader alarm clock, finally gets the emotional closure she deserves.

She/He may not have treated you right, but now you’ve got an extra buck or two to treat yo’ self.


2. Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Love


Some 334,932 users actually tried using the marketplace to barter for romance instead.

However, unlike Tinder, we can’t exactly swipe right on Carousell.

Thankfully, it’s against Carousell’s policy to list human beings for sale.

So you’ll probably have to find some other way to get someone to stand in as your better half this Chinese New Year, if your nosy relatives ask.

3. Boyfriend jeans


Apparently, 54 ladies got themselves a pair of boyfriend jeans last Valentine’s day.

I see you independent women don’t need no man.

No boyfriend = No problems, right?

This also made us wonder if guys search for girlfriend shorts too.

4. #Blessings


If no one can give us happiness, there’s always retail therapy.

There are at least 9,822 listings #blessed by their sellers. Maybe purchasing a lucky charm won’t leave you #ForeverAlone anymore for the subsequent V-Days to come.


5. Executive Condominiums


If a BTO (Build To Order) isn’t the best way to pledge your everlasting love, I don’t know what is.

There have been 59% more views on the listings for lovebird’s nests on Carousell just before Valentine’s Day.

You know the relationship is official official when you start looking for houses.

6. Flowers


Did you make that last minute purchase but act like you had it all planned since last year?

You’re definitely not alone. Just before Valentine’s Day, there’re a whopping 617 searches for beautiful blooms.

Roses, sunflowers, baby’s breath — the options are endless.

Or you could go the other route and get her a vegetable bouquet.


7. Wedding items


Feeling that the time is right to upgrade your long walks along the beach to a walk down the aisle?

102,160 Carousellers have eternal love on their minds, as they hunt for bouquets, banquet table decor pieces and makeup services for their big day.

Getting married on V-Day, however, means you’ll only need one gift for both your wedding anniversary and Valentine’s Day.

We see what you did there

An ideal match

Carousell is no stranger to successful V-day match ups.

One user even met her current boyfriend in a post-transaction date over coffee.

So if you’ve still got no clue on how to Valentine’s Day special for your significant other, just remember that you’ll never have to sell yourself short.

Just like all the listings on Carousell, you’ll be dealt with your ideal match sooner or later.

Who knows, you might just score an elusive dinner date with that eligible seller too.


Featured image from Carousell.