HDB Reasons The Hike In Parking Rates

If you are easily triggered by the word “price hike”, then we have some bad news for you. Apart from your daily cup of kopi, parking your car also just got more expensive.

The Housing & Development Board (HDB) revealed last week (July 1) that 9 more car parks were hit with peak-hour charges, and they did this via a Facebook post.

And if that wasn’t enough to spoil the day of motorists, the HDB came up with the great reasoning that the higher peak-hour charges will ensure that more lots would be available for motorists during peak hours.

During peak hours, entry into the affected car parks shall be 20 cents more expensive than usual every per half an hour. , Check the HDB website for a list of affected carparks.

Netizens Driven Crazy

Unsurprisingly, netizens didn’t buy the excuse that the move was to help motorists.

Instead, the common perception was that this was just another way to suck their hard-earned money.

Faulty Reasoning

After all, the HDB’s reasoning assumes that people have a choice not to use a certain carpark during peak hours — but that may not be the case for many motorists.

Some may actually need to be nearby during that time for work — or face a long walk in the hot sun or being late for an important appointment.,

The point is, you never know what reason people have for parking there during those times.

And as a netizen said, it’s not as though carparks with low demand during peak hours will have lower parking charges — the HDB seems willing to increase but not decrease carpark charges, despite its avowed intention to help motorists. Why is that so?


Rising Costs

Although 20 cents for every half an hour might not seem like a lot of money, it’s also coupled with rising water prices and other fees that are going up astronomically. 

So motorists are right to be concerned over why more of their money is seemingly vanishing into a deep, dark hole — and that’s not to mention the always exorbitant COE prices and road taxes that motorists already have to pay.

Hopefully, the peak-hour rates don’t spread to other carparks in Singapore. 

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