Cat Agonisingly Cut Free After Passersby Found Its Leg Tightly Cable Tied

A street cat that was found with cable tie tied to its limbs was eventually freed by two Samaritans at Jurong West Blossom on Thursday (23 Nov).

The heroes were primary school teachers Ms Salbiah Ishak and her friend Ms Rashal Sabeh.

In an interview with Channel NewsAsia (CNA), Ms Salbiah mentioned hearing the troubled cat on her way home and realised the sounds the cat was making was different than normal mating calls or meows.

Upon finding the cat hidden behind a wall, the pair subsequently noticed that the cat was immobilised as two of its legs were individually wrapped with cable ties.

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Ms Salbiah immediately rushed to her nearby home to grab a pair of scissors.

Eventually, an unidentified male passerby also went in to aid the duo in calming the cat down.

A heart wrenching Facebook video with a strong message

In the video posted by Ms Salbiah’s on Facebook, it showed the cat howling and screaming in pain as if it was crying – if it could.

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The poor feline appeared intensely frightened, at times even clawing at the ground probably due to the agony from its limbs, as the heroes worked to remove the cable ties.


Because the cable ties were so tightly secured, it seem like a challenge to remove them without harming the cat further.

In the background, you can hear the voices of Ms¬†Salbiah and Ms Rashal trying to comfort the distressed creature; and even mentioning “I know its painful”.

(Having to pick out specific moments in the video to write about was especially painful)

It was hard to watch again.

Relief was finally given to the cat as the last of two cable ties was removed from it’s rear leg and the cat was comforted in hands of its rescuers.


One can only wonder, which heartless soul would be so vile to purposely let an innocent animal suffer like this. Does whoever who did this even have a soul to begin with?

Thankfully, not all faith in humanity was lost.

Not only did Ms Salbiah and Ms Rashal selflessly came to rescue of the troubled cat, they used this opportunity to spread a strong message that resonated well with users online.


Netizen’s responses

Many did share sympathy for the innocent feline, with a distinct anger for whoever might have done the horrible act.


Some even proposing to give who do did is a taste of his or her own medicine – rightly so.


Yet most of the comments were praises for Ms Salbiah and the other helpers.


Society is certainly with you and the other good samaritans, Ms Salbiah! Well done from us too!

More cases of cat abuse

This is not the first time that stray cats in Singapore has been abused.

Some people even taking to the extreme of not only intentionally hurting them, but taking them out as well, such as when Yishun was plagued by a serial cat killer.

In just late October this year, three cats were found dead in Yishun within two days due to suspected foul play.

Despite it was reported in 2015 that an alleged cat killer was found, cat abuse cases still followed.

It is still unknown what would drive an individual to perform such harsh acts on innocent cats.

Let’s just keep an eye for our furry friends and perhaps give them a pat or two when we see them loitering around – to let them know they that we certainly do not mind having them around.

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