5 Creepy Dolls Found In Singapore That’ll Scare Even Fans Of Annabelle

Keep the lights on and make sure you're not alone while reading this.

Singapore’s Bigfoot: Bukit Timah Monkey Man Can Speak, Farm & Fight

Singapore's Bigfoot - aka The Bukit Timah Monkey Man - could be the guardian & shepherd of swine in our jungles.

Makansutra Founder Urges NEA To Help With Rising Hawker Rental Fees

Makansutra founder KF Seetoh questions dubious practices like charging 20¢/tray returned to hawkers, after accessing actual contracts signed by them.

Why Punggol Town Hub May Perform Better Than Our Tampines Hub

Punggol Town Hub will have a mega-shopping complex, library, hawker centre and vast array of amenities. Here's how it stacks up against Our Tampines Hub.

Resident’s Free Food Delivery Service Makes Yishun Great Again

Man Delivers Food At No Extra Charge To Neighbours In Yishun Yishun has been the victim of endless shaming for being an unpleasant neighbourhood. But one resident's act of kindness will crush those rumours and make Yishun a great neighbourhood again. Since July, Mr James Chen has been delivering food to his...

VivoCity Giant Hypermarket To Close In Early 2019, 3 More Outlets Up For Review

3 Confirmed Giant Hypermarket Closures By 2019 Remember the rumours about the closure of 7 Giant hypermarkets around Singapore? Although Giant denied those rumours, TODAYonline reported on Friday (28 Sep) that Giant will be closing its VivoCity outlet early next year. Source This announcement comes at the heels of the closure of two...

Pigeon Killing Video Sparks Debate On Animal Welfare In Singapore

Viral Video Starts Online Debate on Pigeon Culling Do we treat pigeons as pests or as VIPs? A Facebook video that has gone viral shows a flock of pigeons in her neighbourhood. The video shows the birds being poisoned and also captured their death a few seconds later. "Modern-day genocide" The person behind...

2 HDB Residents Burn Paper Along Corridor, Ignite Fire Safety Debate

HDB Residents Who Burnt Paper Offerings Flouted Fire Safety Rules Two HDB residents in Tanjong Pagar took the term "lit" to a literal level early yesterday morning. A video posted on Facebook shows them burning paper along the corridors of their flats for the Mid-Autumn celebrations: https://www.facebook.com/allsgstuff/videos/470606336781594/?hc_ref=ARTumSdEbYAieJ7LCJpJEx7DL0N86quQzmzCTD0Fb1gKa9j0nQesKRJH7YdkpSszX7g&__xts__=68.ARDJxubr3fOIWvyXLyjdGowEutHjMwijlvzt5tzHMy7OILGbF1lZeTYFj1UkFFj9Ti2TCgTmNc5cHZhjjlN4mHMc7i4MTsQk3IwjlLk5OtPD8Piu_9dVn4YEDn8UUWM-FheCOcs__HRPWPjq0QaoSHVX8mb9hvmUOjJ87LGdj80J5BfMujr5SHk&__tn__=FC-R Residents burn paper offerings along corridor Shortly after...

7 Facts About Bugis People That Showcase Their Unique Culture And History

The Bugis Community Boasts Its Own Distinct Identity Say Bugis and many immediately think of hotpot, cheap finds and a thriving marketplace. But not many make the connection between the precinct and the Bugis community. The community was among the first to arrive in Singapore after Raffles set up shop here...

9 En-Bloc Victims Of 2018 That Are Iconic Singapore Landmarks

9 Million-Dollar En-Bloc Aka 'En-Block' Properties In Singapore If you're born earlier than the 2000s, nostalgia has probably hit home many times this year. Why? 2018 has truly been the year of the En-Bloc -- with at least 14 iconic landmarks in Singapore being put up for collective sale. Here's a list...



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