S’porean Teens From ‘Top Schools’ Increasingly Seeking Help At IMH To Cope With Stress

There's less of a stigma to seek help now.

Ex-Adam Khoo Students Reveal The Sacrifices Of Elite Education In Singapore

Is Singapore's education landscape getting too competitive?

17 MOE Kindergartens Ranked According To Popularity Of Their Co-Located Primary Schools

[email protected] Is Set To Become The Most Popular MOE Kindergarten Most parents are probably wondering which MOE Kindergartens are worth enrolling in, since higher priority for entry will be given to their affiliated primary schools. Which is why we've done the work for you, and ranked these 17 MOE Kindergartens based on the...

13 Singaporean Schools You Never Knew Were Formed From Mergers

More mergers will materialise come 2016 Following Singapore’s declining fertility rate, some schools face enrolment numbers so small they aren’t even enough to fill a class. As such, some face the inevitable fate of being erased from the school directory – forever. Others merge with another school, and new schools...

Meritocracy In Singapore: Why Is It So Hard To Get Right?

It's hard to objectively define merit.

NUS & NTU Engineering Courses Rank Among Ivy League Schools Based On 2019 Ranking

Singapore universities are surprisingly good.

Tsinghua University’s Instagrammable Campus Makes It Better Than NUS

Why Tsinghua University's Campus Is #UniGoals For years, the National University of Singapore (NUS) has had the distinction of being Asia's top university, at least according to the Times Higher Education World Ranking. But NUS was stripped of this title this year, when it slipped to 23rd in the global rankings. Climbing...

4 Merged JCs To Bid Campuses Goodbye, 1.5 Years After MOE’s Shocking Decision

Merged JC Uniforms & Logos Ready For 2019 Launch Serangoon JC's sale of 30th anniversary merch, may not seem like a big deal to you. Source But this will probably be their last ever celebration -- as the school readies itself for a merger with Anderson JC next year. It's been almost a...

PM Lee Unveils Wicked Programming Skills To All The Other Stuff You Already Knew...

PM Lee has decided to release the Sudoku solver on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/leehsienloong/photos/a.344710778924968.83425.125845680811480/905828379479869/?type=1 He provided a link to Google Drive with a sample of the program, as well as the source code and .exe file for everyone to try it out. It's not the most recent or polished work, but it's interesting...

Alibaba Will Pay $5,000/Mth, Sponsor Your PhD & Maybe Employ You

Alibaba Will Sponsor 30 Lucky Post-Grad Students In Singapore If you've wanted to pursue a PhD in artificial intelligence, data analytics, cloud computing or the Internet of Things, here's your chance at full sponsorship. 20-30 lucky students will get a chance to be sponsored by Alibaba in Jan 2019's first intake. The...


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