Wuhan Virus Advisory Says To Keep Throat Moist To Prevent Flu, MOH Debunked Tip...

Wuhan Virus Warning Text Contains Fake Flu Prevention Tip From A "Health Authority" With Chinese New Year coming in just a few days, the mass migration of Chinese back to their hometowns means the inevitable spread of the Wuhan coronovirus. The virus - which has taken 9 lives at the time...

Volunteers Distribute Basic Necessities To Homeless In S’pore, Urge Others To Spread Kindness

A small gesture of kindness can create ripples of goodwill.

Ho Ching Assures S’pore Is More Capable Of Handling Covid-19 Now, Can Pre-Empt 2nd...

Her initial post said young people can drive "silent clusters".

New Travel Pass Lets Senior Execs Returning To S’pore Skip SHN, Opt To Take...

The number of passes will be strictly limited initially.

South Korean Senior Health Official Infected With Covid-19, Admits He’s Member Of Daegu Church

He claims his infection was not "intentionally hidden".

Covid-19 Patients At SAFRA Jurong Dinner Had No Flu Symptoms & Cleared Temperature Checks

Screening isn't as reliable as we want it to be.

LHL Wishes Japan PM Shinzo Abe Well, After He Resigns Due To Ill Health

He similarly resigned in 2007 after a year.

Duke-NUS Scientists Developing Covid-19 Vaccine With Overseas Partners, Plan To Commence Trials This Year

They have already successfully cultured the virus.


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