Netizen Redesigns MRT Map Again & We Hope It’ll Be Used ASAP In Singapore

Now the Circle Line actually makes sense.

Grab Drivers Can Earn Up To $11,888 Monthly With New Incentives

Earn up to $11, 888 monthly, by making 180 trips in a week as a Grab driver.

Calling Singapore A “Terribly Racist Country” Only Divides Us Even More

Racism isn't just a 'Singapore' thing, it depends on every individual.

MP Amrin Amin Bonds With 5-Year-Old Over Her Bolster During Woodlands House Visit

A friendship was forged thanks to a 'chou chou'.

Singapore’s Top Primary Schools In 2015 — Ranked By PSLE T-Score

We now know how every Singaporean primary school did in PSLE 2015 Even as the Ministry of Education staunchly sticks to their guns of not releasing highest, lowest, and overall PSLE results, Singaporean parents just keep taking the situation into their own hands. We've already seen how parents have ranked secondary...

10 Cases Of People Who Have Gone Missing In Singapore

People Who Have Gone Missing In Singapore We've taken a look at unbelievable crimes that happened in Singapore, leading us to explore other tragedies that have taken place here. One would think that on such a small island, people would not vanish without a trace. Sadly, some of these disappearances ended in...


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