NCMP Seats Will Likely Come From PSP’s West Coast Team, Under New Constitution Rules

Dr Tan Cheng Bock said he'll not take up NCMP seat.

PAP Forms Govt With 61.24% Of Votes, But Loses Sengkang GRC In Key Upset

The PAP won 83 seats out of at total of 93.

WP Wins Aljunied GRC With Vote Share Of 59.93%, Consolidating Their Position In The...

Workers' Party wins Aljunied with a 9% increase since GE2015.

WP Wins Sengkang GRC With 52.13% Of Votes, Some Netizens Want To Move To...

Dr Jamus is now MP Jamus of Sengkang.

WP Wins Hougang SMC With 61.19% Of Votes, Will Extend 29-Year Reign There

Hougang SMC is the longest-held opposition ward.

PAP Wins West Coast GRC With 51.69% Of Votes, Narrowly Defends Stronghold Against Tan...

Dr Tan's PSP team bows out with a slim 3% margin.

PAP Wins Bukit Batok SMC With 54.80% Of Votes, Chee Soon Juan Won’t Have...

Second time Murali Pillai fends off Dr Chee's challenge.

PAP Wins East Coast GRC With 53.41% Of Votes, Heng Swee Keat’s Not Going...

Mr Heng's team edges out WP's Nicole Seah in East Coast.


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