66 New MRT Trains Replaced In $827 Million Deal Will Be Made In China

MRT Trains For NSEWL Designed In Singapore & Gemany, And Manufactured In China After 30 years of plying Singapore's MRT tracks, 66 trains along the North-South and East-West Lines (NSEWL) are scheduled to be replaced. Source The new trains by Canadian company Bombadier cost $827 million, and will be more "accessible for...

Hands-Free MRT Fare Gantry Helps Commuters Bid Farewell To EZ-Link Cards

Contactless MRT Fare Gantry Allows Passengers To Breeze Through Train Stations Without Tapping Cards Sick of standing in line behind absent-minded commuters fumbling around for their fare cards? Or stuck in a queue behind those who insist on scanning their entire bag at the gantry gate? Such situations can finally be a...

Grab’s New $4 Cancellation Fee Will Take Effect From 25 Mar

Don't anyhow cancel your Grab hor.

Expect Heavy Traffic At Malaysia Checkpoints From 16 Nov: ICA

Tuas & Woodlands checkpoint jams don't go well with peanut butter.

40km Of Cycling Paths To Be Added To 5 Areas Over The Next 5...

Time to start using your bicycle more.

SBS Bus 14’s New Route Sparks Petition As It Skips School Stops At Dover

Over 2,000 People Want Original Bus 14 Route Back An online petition on Change.org is gathering steam. No, it has nothing to do with taking down SgInstaBabes' Patreon page or championing any inspirational causes this time. Source  Over 2,000 people simply want their original SBS Bus 14 route back. 7 bus stops skipped SBS Transit announced on...

Radio Silence From SBS Transit As Downtown Line Experiences Delays During Morning Rush Hour

None Of SBS Transit's Social Pages Provided Updates On Delays; Netizens Flame Company Online Confusion hit rush hour commuters on Thursday (24 May) morning when they found themselves being turned away from certain MRT gantries at stations along the Downtown Line. This netizen explained what happened on SBS Transit's Facebook page....

Express Bus Guide For Singaporeans Who Live In The Ulu West

Express Bus Guide (West) In Singapore Are you always late to the Orchard gathering with your friends, just because you stay in the far west of Singapore? Do your friends always joke that your house is nearer to Malaysia than civilisation? Well, here's a lifehack you may or may not know about...



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