Grab Drivers Can Earn Up To $11,888 Monthly With New Incentives

Earn up to $11, 888 monthly, by making 180 trips in a week as a Grab driver.

There Are 6 New Ride Sharing Apps In Town. Here’s A Breakdown Of What...

6 Ride Sharing Apps Include Aspiring Upstarts And Foreign Players Uber is dead. Long live Uber. Although the American ride-sharing app's days are numbered, the constant prolongment of their exit doesn't change the fact that Singapore's ride-sharing industry is ripe for the picking. Source Here are 6 potential new entrants that are currently waiting...

Netizen Redesigns MRT Map Again & We Hope It’ll Be Used ASAP In Singapore

Now the Circle Line actually makes sense.

8 Popular Car Models With $10,000 VES Tax Rebates In Singapore

Vehicular Emissions Scheme (VES) Will Offer Up To $10,000 In Rebates For Eligible New Cars In Singapore Starting Sunday (1 Jul), newly registered cars in Singapore will be subjected to the new Vehicular Emissions Scheme (VES), replacing the previous Carbon Emissions-Based Vehicle Scheme (CEVS). Here's a quick glance at some popular...

7 Reasons Why The New Seletar Airport Might Be Better Than Changi

Seletar Airport Is Better Than Changi Airport? We all know that Changi Airport is great. Great enough to win 566 awards and hold the title of the world’s most awarded airport. So great, that hordes of pubescent teenagers flock to the airport to mug for their exams and tests. But there’s a...

Jurong East MRT Will Have Security Checks For All Passengers On 5 Apr

Keep calm, and follow instructions.

12 Lessons Learnt From Bike-Sharing Companies’ Failure In Singapore

Can Han Hui Hui get our deposits back?

These 5 E-Scooter Accidents Show Why We Need Tougher Laws On PMDs

The 322 Violations Of Active Mobility Act Show That Safety Needs To Be Enhanced On Friday (Aug 24), members of the Active Mobility Advisory Panel released their recommendations for further regulation of personal mobility devices (PMDs). Their 5 proposals were for: Speed limits for PMD riders be restricted to 10kmh, down...

Expect Heavy Traffic At Malaysia Checkpoints From 16 Nov: ICA

Tuas & Woodlands checkpoint jams don't go well with peanut butter.


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