A New Forest Has Just Opened Up At Botanic Gardens — Here’s What You Can Do There

$30 million Learning Forest opens up at Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens has always been a hot destination for nature lovers looking for a day of fun and frolic under the sun.

Aside from getting away from the concrete jungle, you can now spend your day exploring exciting habitats like never before. The Botanic Gardens has just opened a modern-day Learning Forest, the perfect spot for getting close to nature.


From freshwater forests to lowland rainforests, visitors will discover habitats that are home to many exotic species of animals and plants.


The new forest has a whole array of sights that would appease all you outdoorsy types!

Here are the places to check out in the Forest.

Keppel Discovery Wetlands


Take a stroll around the Keppel Discovery Wetlands to peek at the carefully preserved endangered species of flowers! It’s sure to bring out the floral enthusiast in you. 

The freshwater wetlands play host to the Botanists’ Boardwalk and the Orchid Islands, which are sure to transport you to floral fantasy.

I mean, just look at this picture that was expertly taken by PM Lee during the inauguration of the Learning Forest.


SPH Walk of Giants


Does your partner enjoys long romantic walks in nature?

Time to put them to the test.

The SPH Walk of Giants is a 260 metre long boardwalk suspended 6 floors above the forest — the perfect spot for a long walk with that special someone, with the enthralling sounds of Mother Nature keeping you company.

The tall trees and huge variety of plants will give you the shelter you need from the sweltering sun during your morning walks.

Canopy Web

Ever wondered what it feels like to lie down in the forest and watch the sunlight push through the canopy of the tall trees?

No need to go into dreamland, you can experience it right here in Singapore.

The canopy web is specially designed for a relaxing afternoon of reading a book while having the sunlight warmly beating down on your face.

See, even PM Lee enjoys it!



Aside from all this, the forest also hosts many more attractions. More information can be found on the Singapore Botanic Gardens website.

No such thing as a free lunch….really?

99% of things are not free in life, but admission into The Learning Forest definitely is! It is open from 5am to 12mn everyday, except for the SPH Walk of Giants and Keppel Discovery Wetlands which are closed from 7pm-7am for daily maintenance.

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Art Science Museum’s New Futuristic Exhibit Is For All The Space Geeks

The Universe and Art is the newest exhibit at the Art Science Museum

The doors to the Art Science Museum’s (ASM) latest show-case opened last Saturday (April 1) and it is a true masterpiece.


A collaboration between ASM and the renowned Tokyo Mori Art Museum, The Universe and Art is what happens when art combines with the wonder of space, and promises a remarkable visual experience for anyone appreciates modern art pieces.

With a stunning 120 artifacts, sculptures and artworks, The Universe and Arts is poised to take you on a rollercoaster that transcends both time and space.

Here are 4 things you must absolutely see at the exhibition —

1. The Universe as Space-Time

If you are an avid star-gazer, you will want to make a beeline for this segment of the exhibit. Aimed to feature the rapid advancements that have been made in space explorations, The Universe as Space-Time boasts the brainchildren of esteemed international artists.

Perhaps, it’s selling point is the astonishing art piece, Ekpryotic Sting II, brought to life by the Japanese artist, Mariko Mori.


All of us have heard of the Big Bang theory (no, not the TV show), but have you heard of the Ekpyrotic Universe theory?

An alternative to the Big Bang theory, this theory suggests that universe is in-fact cyclical in nature and that our universe was born out of the death of an older universe. The theory is a thrilling parallel to the Hindu concept of reincarnation, posing us the question — does cosmic energy truly die?

If you want to be mesmerized by the mystery of the cosmos, this is the piece for you to ponder about.

2. Our Vision of the Universe

History geeks, there’s something for you too! This segments highlights ancient artifacts that shed light on our ancestors’ perspectives on space and the galaxy.


Taketori Monogatari, or The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, is a painting from the mid-10th century that tells the story of Princess Kaguya, whom people believed had descended from the moon.

People used to be intrigued by the moon and it’s mysterious origins. Their awe and curiosity is wonderfully encapsulated in the painting.

3. Space Art

Astronauts face difficulties that we can only imagine. Being stuck in small, confined space while orbiting in a zero-gravity environment can be horrific.

It has been an age-old practice for artists to send pieces along with the astronauts into space.

Space Art is a segment of the exhibition that shines the spotlight on artworks that are quite literally out of this world.


Moon Museum is a symbolic masterpiece and is considered to be one of the very first art pieces to have travelled to the moon. Six different prominent artists from the 60’s came together to make this beauty, and it was taken to the moon in 1969 during the Apollo mission.

4. A New View on Life

Growing up, almost every child has contemplated the possibility of life outside of Earth. This curiosity has been the reason behind a plethora of sci-fi films and books.

A New View on Life dabbles into how technology and rapid advancements in genetic engineering can lead to strange new life forms outside of our small planet.


One prominent piece in this genre is the Robotic Jellyfish Drone. Made completely from a 3D printer, Robotic Jellyfish Drone hopes to explain the intimate relationship that nature shares with technology.

Go to space and back

The Universe and Art is open at Art Science Museum, waiting for you to go over and see all the marvels it has to offer.


Excited to go and fill your instagram feed with beautiful art pieces yet?

Grab your tickets on the ASM website, or at the door.

Featured Image from Art Science Museum

Tengah Means “Centre”, But That’s Not Why The Region Is Named Tengah

Tengah Region, Not So Central After All

With plans to develop a “Forest Town” the size of Bishan in Tengah, the spotlight has been cast on the largely subdued district. Unbeknownst to us, Tengah is surprisingly an area with rich history.

Located within the Western region of Singapore, Tengah is sandwiched by Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Batok, Jurong East and Jurong West.

“Tengah” is an Indonesian and Malay word that means “central”, “centre” or “middle” but as you’ve already realized, Tengah isn’t at the centre of Singapore. To understand how Tengah’s name came about, we’d need to learn more about its history first.

Chu Kang And Kang Chu

Back in the 1850s, large farming concessions based around a river were known as chu kang. Our present day Tengah was once a chu kang — a name given to gambir and pepper farms, a core cash crop grown in Singapore.


Each chu kang was spearheaded by a kang chu, which literally means “Master of the River” in Teochew and refers to the local chief who commanded all proceedings in his area such as collecting rent and taxes, overseeing opium trade and alcohol transactions. Kang chus also oversaw vices like prostitution and gambling.

Issued by the Temenggong of Johore, prospective kang chus were granted a title deed called Surat Sungei, which empowered one to open up (usually forested) lands and cultivate areas along the river.

In 1853, a man was bestowed with a surat sungei, enabling him the right to farm a land that was alongside a then unnamed tributary of the Kranji River.

The man, Teng Ah Tong, became a kang chu and people referred to him as Teng-Ah. His concession became Teng Chu Kang and as time passed, the unnamed tributary of the Kranji Riveralso took on the name of its kang chu and acquired the name Teng-Ah River, before becoming just Tengah.


Claim To Fame

Tengah’s rise to prominence was largely due to RAF Tengah — a pivotal airfield that the British Royal Air Force constructed in the mid 1930s in face of foreign threats.

The military airfield was built where the Tengah farms used to be, thus inheriting the name Tengah Airfield.


Presently, it is known as Tengah Airbase and is used by the Republic of Singapore Airforce.


Tengah New Town

Source, Source

The new proposed plans will see Tengah New Town integrated with lush greenery and the neighbouring Jurong Innovation District.

Apart from enabling residents to get up close and personal with nature, Tengah New Town further promotes “going green” by featuring the country’s first car-free town centre, reported Today.


Residents can also mingle with one another in a forest-like environment.


Ultimately, the Housing Development Board (HDB) aims to revamp Tengah into a close-knit evergreen forest town that is sustainable.

Provisions for walking and cycling will be ubiquitous allowing residents to move around with ease.

Tengah Forest Town

It is exciting just thinking about how fresh and tranquil the new Forest Town will be like when the first batch of flats are released in 2018.

But let’s not forget about the rich culture and history that encompasses the Tengah region.

Featured Image from Google Maps.

Hotel Mono – Singapore’s First Black And White Boutique Hotel Opens In Chinatown

Monochrome Madness

Many hotels are famous for their cutting-edge design, but this is the first one we’ve heard of that’s based on just two colours: Black and White.

If you are looking for a trendy place to host your birthday parties or an aesthetic #monochromemonday photo from your staycations, look no further.

The highly anticipated Hotel Mono, Singapore’s first Black and White hotel, is now open in Chinatown.


Both the exterior and the interior of the hotel are completely monochromatic, and provide a much-needed break from the colourful and vibrant colours that are prolific in Chinatown.


Amazing Rooms

They say good things come in small packages, and Hotel Mono proves this axiom to be true. Stretching across 6 shophouses, the hotel comprises just 46 rooms, so book super early if you want to experience this visual masterpiece.

The 46 rooms are split into 6 types, each catering to different groups of travellers.

Let’s take a virtual tour:

Single Rooms


The room may be for one, but it’s still spacious. Perfect for the solo traveller with a soft spot for the minimalist aesthetic.

Twin Rooms

All twin rooms have 2 super single beds.


Even the bathrooms are in monochrome.


Double Rooms/Double Plus

With a queen-sized bed, a double room is perfect for a staycation with your significant other.



Of course, if you need a little more space, and would fancy a view of the bustling streets of Chinatown, you could opt for the Double Plus rooms, which come with big windows.

Studio Rooms

For some of you, the idea of being in a small room is rather irksome. Fret not, the studio rooms are available to save the day. Each one is like a mini-apartment:


With both a king-sized bed and a sofa bed, it’s the perfect place to crash after a party or a night of painting the town red.

Family Room

An avid minimalist but can’t find a babysitter for your kids? Don’t worry, Hotel Mono even boasts a Family room.



While the rooms may differ in styles and size, one thing stays constant: Great amenities.

Each room comes with the now-standard free high-speed Wi-Fi Internet access, powerful air-conditioning, an attached bathroom and daily housekeeping. Refreshments such as coffee and tea are provided too.

Wanna have a movie marathon? Rooms are stocked with flat-screen TVs with cable service.

And for your beauty sleep, Hotel Mono provides each rooms the luxury of a pocketed spring bed with micro-gel fibre pillows.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

Location, Location, Location

When opening any hotel, accessibility is the most important thing.

The people behind Hotel Mono must have understood this completely, and they have chosen a location right smack in the middle of Chinatown.

The hotel is a stone’s throw away from all the attractions Chinatown has to offer, and is also mere minute away from Chinatown MRT.


Although the hotel may not offer gourmet breakfasts, the location it seem as though you are virtually surrounded by food. With the plethora of food that you can find in Chinatown, it’s almost impossible that your tummy will be unsatisfied.



Nothing gets Singaporeans more excited that a promotion. This is no different.

Hotel Mono is offering an early bird promotion, with rooms going for 20% less than their normal prices. The promotion ends on June 1, so gather your kakis and book your staycation now!

You can book your rooms via the Hotel Mono website to enjoy the offer.

Don’t say bojio!

Featured image from Hotel Mono

“Singapore-Lite” To Be Built In Johor With Middle Eastern Money

Another Singapore Next To Singapore?

Although our economy may not be in the best place right now, many people still look up to Singapore’s success, so much so that they’ve made it their long-term aspiration to replicate our city.

In fact, copycat cities may be closer than we think. In Johor, Malaysia, Medini Iskandar Malaysia Sdm Bhd has been partnering with government-linked companies and other investors in order to create Malaysia’s largest single urban development, known as the Medini Project — touted as “Singapore-lite”.

Not only does this have much potential, it’s also well-backed by massive Middle Eastern investors like Kuwait Finance House and Mubadala from Abu Dhabi, according to Forbes.

Medini City

The new city, Medini, is aimed at creating an urban town for a population of about 450,000 by 2030 and will being the trademark Central Business District in Johor.

But United World Infrastructure principal Imran Markar said it will not be competing with Singapore, but “complementary” to Singapore.

“It’s not going to be Johor-plus or Malaysia-plus, it’s going to be Singapore-lite,” Mr Markar told Forbes.

Parts Coming Together

Currently, some of the amenities are already set up while some are still in the making. It’s just a matter of time (actually 13 years) before they officially form one big city, well-divided by zones.

singapore city msia
A quick look at the Masterplan promises adventurous facilities equally distributed into 6 different categories:

singapore lite msia

1. Zone A: Medini North

This zone is mostly aimed at corporate professionals, which is why there is a corporate park with impeccable infrastructure. Think of it as Malaysia’s own Biopolis, except that there is also a Legoland to cater to tourists.

singapore city malaysia

singapore city malaysia

singapore city malaysia

Then there’s the d’Pristine @ Medini, which will include a glitzy mall and a 4-star hotel:

2. Zone B: Medini Business District

On the first look, this looks like City Hall combined with the scenic views of Clarke Quay.

Just look at the UMCITY Medini Lakeside, which aims to provide recreational opportunities while ensuring proper water management. Maybe they’ll even implement their own version of Newater.

Still, it’s great that the design aims to provide a “healthy ecosystem for the environment”.

singapore city malaysia

singapore city malaysia

singapore city malaysia

Even the aesthetic of the business buildings looks similar to Singapore’s.
singapore city malaysia

3. Zone C, D and E: Medini Central

Zone C is the Trade and Logistics zone of the city, consisting of Ci Medini, with residential towers and business buildings.

singapore city malaysia

Zone D, however, is the Creative Zone of Medini Central, with “high-end infrastructure” to portray its potential advancements in technology. Think of growing industries like research, animation and digital media.

The last part of Medini Central is Zone E, otherwise known as Avira, that is the heritage zone of the central. I’d call this a mix of Holland Village and Marina Bay Sands.

With atas hotels, clubhouses and condominiums, we’re thinking it’s targeted at the rich looking for an alternate place to live.

singapore city malaysia

singapore city malaysia

4. Zone F: Medini South

Last but not least is Sunway Iskandar, also known as Nature’s Capital City — where the city meets nature. The description itself already reminds us of Sentosa and Punggol put together, which is a rather lovely combination.

singapore city malaysia

Looks like we’ve found our next getaway right next to Singapore.

singapore city malaysia

singapore city malaysia

singapore city malaysia

It’s obvious from the grand look of the upcoming city that this entire project is aimed at attracting the more well-to-do folk that will bask in the leisure that such a lifestyle can bring.

The fact that all of this will be built from scratch is rather amazing, as the initial reaction of the chief executive of Iskandar Investment, according to Forbeswas: “You’ve got to be kidding me. What’s there? There’s nothing there.”

Thus, it’s worth applauding the fact that Malaysia is willing to be adventurous and attract more diverse backgrounds to their state. Not only will this bring in money to grow the economy, it will inspire other countries to do the same and make Singapore more competitive.

Featured image and all other photos from Medini

A Pop-Up Chanel Cafe Is Opening In Singapore For 8 Days In Early April

chanel cafe sg

Chanel Cafe In Singapore

It’s not just bags and makeup — it’s a lifestyle. You know what I’m talking about, it’s Chanel.

chanel cafe sg


Guess what’s popping? That’s right, it’s Chanel’s own pop-up concept called Coco Cafe that will be open from April 8 to April 16, 2017, from 11am to 8pm.

chanel cafe sg



Wonder where’s it’s at? Don’t worry, we Ghaut you covered. Yes, the Parisan cafe will be at the Visual Arts Centre at Dhoby Ghaut Green.

So expect a whole lot of visuals to go along with some Coco Crunching mouth action.

One of the highlights involves colours from the new Chanel Cruise Makeup Collection called Les Indispensables De L’été that promises to be an indispensable delight.

chanel cafe sg


Other Cafes

Chanel has opened similar cafes in other cities as well. Check out some photos of the one they opened in Tokyo from March 3 to 12:



Priority Access

So get ready to Chanel your inner loco in Singapore’s Coco Cafe and fight to gain priority access (which comes with a complimentary drink, by the way) by clicking here. Don’t say bojio!

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This Winter Lodge In Hakuba, Japan Is Owned By A Singaporean

Singaporean Opns Ski Lodge

We all grow up dreaming of achieving so many wonderful things in the future, but how often do we end up chasing these dreams?

Most of us get caught up trying to survive in the expensive country that Singapore is.

This Singaporean is different. She had a dream to run a ski lodge. And so, in a rather un-Singaporean way, she quit her job and did it.


Out of the concrete jungle

Ms Jane Killick, 29, has always been an avid lover of nature and snow, according to Today. For years, she had wanted to move closer to nature, but had been stranded in a marketing job.

Then she took a holiday trip to northern Japan, and her whole life changed.

While roaming the winter paradise of Hakuba village, she fell in love with a small lodge tucked up the Northern Alps of Nagano Prefecture.


Having always wanted to own a ski lodge, Ms Killick took a leap of faith. After returning to Singapore, she quit her marketing job, dug deep into her piggy-bank and purchased the lodge.

Blood, Sweat, Tears

There is no secret recipe to success of course. Even if there were, the main ingredient would definitely be hard work. Ms Killick’s success was no different.

A woman who didn’t know a single word of Japanese, Ms Killick found seemingly mundane tasks, like asking for directions, difficult.

She even had to take up various part-time jobs to survive and to keep her business upfloat.

She invested more than a year into developing the lodge to accommodate guests, adding bathrooms to each room and common facilities that guests could use to warm up after a cold day of skiing.



Was It Worth It?

When asked by Today in a phone interview about her experience, Ms Killick said: “There were many nights when I couldn’t sleep, because there’s so much to worry about.” For example, she was so broke that she once had to take food from her neighbour.

Despite all the hurdles that she had been faced with, she had no regrets. “These are challenges we don’t face in Singapore at all, and that is what I really wanted.”



Not surprisingly, her hard work and dedication have paid off, quite astoundingly. Her brainchild, Uchimaru Hakuba, opened its doors to guests last year — and just take a look at this dream home.





Uchimaru Hakuba

The lodge has been a hit among locals and foreigners alike. While Killick’s friends initially helped her promote the lodge, it soon became a hit online. The lodge has had a steady growth of followers on its Instagram and Facebook page.

Killick even managed to sell out all the rooms for a big part of the winter last year.

The occupants were also immensely satisfied with their stay at Uchimaru Hakuba. The lodge has a whopping 9.5/10 rating on booking.com.

The most amazing thing about this all is that she virtually manages the lodge alone! Although her boyfriend does pitch in, Ms Killick does the bulk of the work, including the housekeeping and the bookkeeping.

Reviews have also poured in, all lauding the service at the lodge and some even mentioning Ms Killick herself.


Singapore Boleh!

It is rather heartwarming to see a fellow Singaporean following her heart and achieving such success. It really does show that anything is possible with passion and conviction.

We often get caught up in what we deem as a ‘practical’ way of life, and shove aside the dreams and aspirations from our youth. This comes at a price, and our job satisfaction may take a hit. In fact, a survey conducted in the Southeast Asian region last year, revealed Singapore to have the lowest job happiness numbers among our neighbours.

We could all learn a thing or two from Ms Killick about taking that leap of faith and turning our dreams into reality.

Alternatively, you can experience Ms Killick’s dream at Uchimaru Hakuba by booking yourself a room via the lodge’s website.

Featured image from Instagram

Holland Village Walkabout Allows You To Enter Homes And Look At Art And Visit A Cemetery

explore holland village

OH! Open House at Holland Village

As we venture into the bright future that is Singapore’s, many of us scramble to hold on to some remnants of the past. Naturally, companies like TheSmartLocal in turn organise events to remind us of art and our history.

Similarly, non-profit art organisation OH! Open House has been organising art walkabouts in neighbourhoods like Potong Pasir and Joo Chiat since 2009:

These walkabouts focus on artistic infrastructure and unique oddities that many would not be initially aware of. And great lengths are taken to immerse goers into the neighbourhood they are exploring. In the case of Holland Village, participants will be allowed to enter some of these homes to get a glimpse of the art hidden behind doors.

OH! Holland Village

For every weekend in March 2017, Holland Village will take the spotlight.

holland v tour


This time, the event will consist of three different 45-minute walks. Here are the places participants can expect to visit on the walks:

hv walks oh


Chip Bee Gardens

Since it’s technically not part of Holland Village, most of us easily overlook the gem that is Chip Bee Gardens. In fact, some may say it was the Orchard Road of British soldiers during the colonial times. Today, it’s lined with a plethora of Italian restaurants and art galleries that will appeal to every history hipster out there.

chip bee gardens tour


Holland Drive HDB Flats

holland drive hdb tour


It’s not just the exteriors of the HDB flats that will pique your interest. Judging by their previous neighbourhood walkabouts, you’d likely get to step into the intimate homes of some residents. By the looks of the past HDB tours done by OH!, it’s certain that one would be in for a surprise.

Hakka Cemetery

hakka cemetery sg


According to the website, one would have to go solo for this cemetery walk in the evening. Don’t worry though, there aren’t many dead bodies buried here. Instead, the majority of gravestones cover urns not coffins, filled with the ashes of the dead. It’s interesting to note that this is also the last Hakka cemetery in Singapore, making it even more precious.

Holland Village Heritage Walk

holland v walk


Being the deep bohemian enclave that Holland Village is, it’s no doubt that you’d be in for a cultural shock too. In a good way, of course.

For just $25 per pax, it almost seems regretful to miss such an opportunity. As you watch the hustle and bustle of the neighbourhood below, give some thought on the history that has allowed Holland Village to become the exciting area that it is today.

Featured image from the Lion Raw.

10 New Singapore Hotels Opening In 2017 For Refreshingly Different Staycations


New Hotels In Singapore 2017

One of the simple pleasures in life is going on a staycation.

You rest on a bed of crisp, white sheets and a buffet spread of international cuisine awaits you every morning; there’s no need to feel guilty for not making the bed too.

But some of us are ready to move on from the usual hotels we spend our short getaways at.

Here’s a list of hotels opening in 2017 for you to plan your future staycations.

1. The Duxton Club

The Duxton Club, A Luxury Collection Hotel is the first hotel of Marriott International, and it’s making its debut in Singapore.


Adopting pre-war colonial influences in its architecture, The Duxton Club occupies two shophouses The Duxton House on Duxton Road and The Duxton Terrace on Murray Street.



The Duxton House houses 50 guestrooms and features an all-day dining restaurant, bar and a private cigar room for those who appreciate the finer things in life. The Duxton Terrace hosts a larger number of guests with 138 rooms.

The Duxton Club
Address: 83 Duxton Road, Singapore 089540
Opening: Sep 10, 2017

2. The InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay

The Quay of Singapore gets a new hotel addition. The InterContinental at Robertson Quay boasts 225 rooms with InterContinental’s signature contemporary designs.


Your itinerary for the night doesn’t require any planning since the hotel is surrounded by a plethora of dining and entertainment options along the Singapore river.


The InterContinental Singapore, Robertson Quay
Address: 1 Nanson Road, Singapore 238909
Opening: Q2, 2017
Tel: 6826 5000

3. Andaz Hotel

Architecture lovers might want to keep a lookout for Ole Scheeren’s new work. The internationally-acclaimed German architect designed Hyatt’s latest five-star boutique  the Andaz Hotel.


The hotel is a part of a mixed-use development called DUO Singapore, and is part of a combination of retail, restaurants, bars, residences, and offices. For convenience, it also has a direct underground connection to Bugis MRT Station.


Andaz Hotel has 342 guestrooms, a rooftop bar with ocean views, and an infinity pool for you to take that instaworthy shot. On top of that, it oversees some of Singapore’s popular tourist spots like Bugis Street and the Kampong Glam conservation district.

Andaz Hotel
Address: 5 Fraser Street, Singapore 189354
Opening: mid 2017
Tel: 3100 0102

4. Hilton Garden Inn

A cheap thrill Singaporeans are guilty of is to visit Mustafa Centre at odd hours in the night.

Hilton Garden Inn is situated in the heart of Little India, making those trips to the all-encompassing 24/7 shopping centre fuss free.


The new addition to the Hilton Worldwide brand features a 24-hour pantry Our Pavilion Pantry, and the Garden Grille & Bar to unwind at after a day of sightseeing at local attractions around the area  the Temple of 1,000 Lights, Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple and House of Tan Teng Niah, to name a few.



Hilton Garden Inn, Singapore Serangoon
Address: 3 Belilios Road, Singapore 219924
Opening: May 2017
Tel: 6491 0500

5. Yotel

The trendy hotel recognised for its smartly designed and pod-like rooms is coming to Singapore, its first Asian flagship hotel.



Your entertainment and food options at Yotel are aplenty, as the cabin hotel will be located in Orchard, amid Singapore’s most popular shopping district.


The rooms here are inspired by first-class airline cabins and are lit with soft purple light.

Yotel, Singapore
Address: 360 Orchard Road, Singapore 238869
Opening: Q3 2017

6. Sofitel Singapore City Centre

Sofitel welcomes a new addition to its chain of hotels in Singapore in the heart of Singapore, and this time it has 222 rooms.

A part of the new Tanjong Pagar Centre, the tallest building in Singapore, its facilities include a Virgin Active gym.




Meanwhile, the in-house restaurant, Racines — helmed by Chef Jean Charles Dubois — serves contemporary French and local cuisine.

The hotel will open in May.

Sofitel, Singapore City Centre
Address: 9 Wallich Street, Singapore 078885
Opening: May 2017
Tel: 6402 8888

7. The Patina

The Patina at Capitol Piazza, the iconic building along Stamford Road is finally opening in the second quarter of 2017. Not only is the hotel under the Leading Hotels of the World programme, it’s interior is designed by world-renowned Jaya International Design.


The Patina has a salt-water pool and features its signature restaurant ERU, a in-house bar ERUBAR, and PURE & Co., a boutique chocolate shop.


The Patina
15 Stamford Road, Singapore 178906
Opening: Q2, 2017
Tel: 6368 8888

8. Park Hotel Farrer Park

You don’t have to worry about walking long distances to get to the nearest MRT station at Park Hotel Farrer Park, as it’s planted atop Farrer Park MRT station and has 300 guests rooms.


You don’t have to worry about walking long distances to get to the nearest MRT station at Park Hotel Farrer Park, as it’s planted atop Farrer Park MRT station and has 300 guests rooms.

Hotels-Park-Hotel-FarrerPark-1Pictures courtesy of Park Hotel Farrer Park

The hotel is linked to Farrer Park Hospital via a connexion, and an underground passageway that leads you to City Square Mall.

Park Hotel Farrer Park
10 Farrer Park Station Road, Singapore 217564
Opening: 1 May, 2017
Tel: 6593 6999

9. The Warehouse Hotel

Built in 1895, The Warehouse Hotel sits where underground activities and secret societies were once prevalent in Singapore.


Just 37 rooms are featured in this hotel that sits by the river. They comprise 6 configurations, and our favourites are the River View Mezzanine and Warehouse Loft.


The River View Mezzanine has 2 levels and its own personal library; one of the largest rooms available at The Warehouse Hotel.

Find out more from MustShareNews’ first coverage of The Warehouse Hotel here.

The Warehouse Hotel
Address: 320 Havelock Road, Singapore 169628
Tel: 6828 0000

10. Ascott Orchard

Linked to Paragon Shopping Mall at Orchard Road, Ascott Orchard is made up of 220 suites, ranging from studios, two-bedroom units, to penthouses.


The hotel brand is known for its premium residences and its amenities are family friendly. Ascott Orchard has its own children’s playground, pool and even baby sitting services!


Ascott Orchard, Singapore
Address: 11 Cairnhill Road, Singapore 229724
Tel: 6540 1688

New Hotels For 2017

If your Instagram profile has been peppered with photos of the same hotels you’ve always done staycations at, take this opportunity to jazz it up.

While you’re busy planning those 2017 staycations, here are 7 new attractions opening in 2017, to get you even more pumped up for the year ahead.

Mark your calendars!

Featured image from lemiami.com, Yotel, Starwoodhotels.com and hiltongardeninn3.hilton.com

10 Unique Features That Make Changi Airport #1 In The World

changi airport best

Changi Airport Is The Best

On 1 July 1981, the very first flight to Changi Airport, SQ101, touched down from Malaysia — making Singapore’s dream of having its own airport a reality.

Almost 40 years later, Singapore is recognised as the #1 airport for the 4th-straight year, despite us being one of the 20 smallest countries in the world.

Wonder how we landed this award? Wonder no more. Here are some reasons why our airport has made its name worldwide, with the help of alliteration:

1. Wonderful Wi-Fi

Sure, many airports all over the world offer free wi-fi to its frequenters. But Changi Airport takes it to the next level by offering the use of Internet-enabled computers for free.

computers free changi airport best


Worried that your phone battery will drain whilst basking in the presence of the complimentary wi-fi? Don’t fret, there are also up to 800 free charging stations planted all over the different terminals.

charging free changi airport


These services are not always available in other airports out there, making it difficult for passengers with long transits. Looks like Changi Airport’s approach to pampering visitors is obviously working.

2. ‘Mazing Movies

Who would’ve thought that you could Netflix and chill at the airport? Although some look forward to catching the latest movies during their flights, others aren’t fortunate enough to have that privilege.

The solution? Free screenings at the airport movie theatre.

changi airport movie theatre best


Singapore is one of the few airports that provide such a service for its passengers. In other words, Changi Airport knows what it’s doing.

3. Nature’s Nearby

After all the talk about the need to treasure our endangered species, it’s amazing that Changi Airport prioritises the preservation of nature, in all of its beauty.

Behold, the very first butterfly garden created in an airport:

butterfly garden changi airport best


 That’s not all. Changi Airport boasts of various gardens such as the sunflower garden located in Terminal 2:

changi airport sunflower garden best


Not only do these gardens provide scenic views for Instaworthy photos, they are the perfect spots to bring children for a fresh breath of the outdoors after being confined in their airplane seats for prolonged periods of time.

cactus garden changi airport


changi airport orchid garden


tree garden airport


4. Beloved Beds

Think back to your secondary school camping days, where you had no choice but to sleep on hard concrete. Sometimes, sleeping in other airports during long transits can very much feel like that.

uncomfortable naps airport


So it’s definitely comforting for passengers to know that Changi Airport has designated resting areas that have reclining chairs, deeming it as one of the best airports to take a nap during a dreaded long transit.

rest areas changi airport


Let’s not forget that they are also free-of-charge. Here are their locations:

Terminal 1: Snooze Lounge, Transit East, Level 3, Transit Area

Terminal 2 : Sanctuary Lounge, Transit North Pier, opposite E5, Transit Area; Oasis Lounge, Transit North Pier, Opp E11, Transit Area

Terminal 3: Snooze Lounge, Transit North Mezzanine, near to Singapore Food Street, Transit Area

5. Terrific Tours

Take a little trip around Singapore town in a Singapore city bus. Sound familiar? Well, Singapore is actually one of the few airports in the world that offer not only one, but two free tours for passengers in transit.

The City Lights and Heritage tour allows passengers gawk at the grandeur of the city or explore the historical sites around the country. This is accompanied by well-trained tour guides, assuring visitors of a high-quality experience.

Here are some photos taken by tourists on one of the tours:

tours changi airport best


tours changi airport best


Since not many airports grant passengers such an opportunity, this service places Changi Airport much higher in the ranks. Good job, Changi!

For more information, click here.

6. Games Galore

Missing your XBOX 360 and Playstation back home? Changi Airport has got your back with its Entertainment Deck. It even comes with an XBOX Kinect!

entertainment deck changi airport


Gaming consoles not for you? Well, Changi Airport is the only airport with a LAN gaming cafe in transit.

lan gaming changi airport


7. Sports Stop

For all the sports lovers out there, you haven’t been forgotten. It’s at Changi Airport that you’ll get to catch up on the latest football matches at the Xperience Zone at Terminal 2.

sports lounge changi airport


Or, if you need to move around a little, there’s also a free swimming pool for you to take a refreshing dip to get rid of all that travelling stress.

swimming pool changi airport


8. Art Attack

It’s very easy to overlook the aesthetics of any airport when you are in a rush. However, there’s something about Changi Airport’s artistic structures that make it hard to look away.

The “Kinetic Rain” installation is particularly enticing, especially since it is the largest kinetic structure in the entire world.

art changi airport


Find it at Terminal 1’s Departure Hall or watch the entire display here:

Another famous sculpture is “Going Home” located at Terminal 3’s Arrival Hall, which serves as a reminder of the importance of family and that feeling of going home to yours.

going home changi airport


If you’re more of a hands-on person, Changi Airport has art rubbing stations in ALL three of its terminals. Perfect for some family crayon time!

changi airport art


Here are the locations:

Terminal 1: Viewing Mall, Level 3, Public Area

Terminal 2: Departure Transit Lounge South, next to the Orchid Garden, Level 2, Transit Area

Terminal 3: Next to the Fountain area, Level B2, Public Area; Departure Transit Lounge North, Outside gate holdroom B1-B4, Level 2, Transit Area

We think it’s wonderful that Changi Airport is taking the appeal of the arts so seriously, definitely much more than other airports out there.

9. Maximum Mugging

To many foreigners, encountering students studying at airports is rather strange. However, Changi Airport has picked up on Singapore’s obsession with studying, and houses many studying spots perfect for the everyday mugger, unlike other airports in the world. Here are some of the best spots to study!


This quiet cafe offers free wi-fi and charging ports, perfect for the everyday mugger. Located at Level 2 of Terminal 3, this 24-hour cafe is sure to help keep students awake and undisturbed.

study changi airport


Krispy Kreme

The outlet is located at Terminal 2 and open 24/7 as well, with welcoming staff to serve any midnight study cravings.

study changi airport


With a plethora of food chains and open spaces available for students to study and/or relax, no wonder Changi Airport doesn’t appeal only to travellers.

10. Shiok Shopping

Avid shoppers almost always look forward to the “NO GST”, duty-free deals during transit. At Terminal 2, The Shilla Duty Free store hosts 180 brands, making it one of the most accessible shopping stops.

shopping changi airport


If you thought it couldn’t get any easier than this, Changi Airport has tax-free online shopping booths at all three terminals.

shopping changi airport


It’s no wonder that Changi Airport is considered one of the best airports in the world to shop, according to Skytrax.

Changi Airport’s Achievements

As Singaporeans who grew up frequenting Changi Airport, we tend to take for granted how well-kept and developed our airport is. In total, the airport has won over 500 awards as of 2015 and yet still undergoes numerous renovations to better their services.

One of them is the development of the new Terminal 4, which you can read about here: The New Changi Airport Terminal 4 Is Basically Jaw-Dropping.

As we anticipate the upgrade of Changi Airport, we send our heartfelt thanks to those who painstakingly designed and built this airport to be the best in the entire world.

Featured image from hir.ma.




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