S’pore Airlines Flight To Bangkok & 3-Night Hotel Stay Only Costs $378/Pax

WeekendGoWhere’s 3-Day SIA Bangkok Package Starts At $378

For many Singaporeans, Bangkok’s sprawling shopping districts are a must-visit when stocking up for your New Year’s wardrobe.

WeekendGoWhere – a Singapore-based travel agency – is offering a 3-day Bangkok package starting at $378.

The package includes the following:

  • Singapore Airlines two-way flight tickets (inclusive of tax + 30kg check-in baggage)
  • 3-night stay at a hotel
  • Daily breakfast
  • 2-way airport transfer

Bangkok destinations galore

The package comes with a 3-day itinerary to make sure your Bangkok trip is hassle-free!

Once you arrive in Bangkok, you’ll even be greeted by their tour guide who’ll escort you to your chosen hotel. You can then enjoy Thai cuisine and explore the nightlife.


The next day you can take a boat tour across Chao Phraya Canal where you’ll see the city’s golden temples, palaces and wooden houses.


After that, visit the Temple Of Dawn, Wat Arun and marvel at the distinctive spires adorned with seashells and vibrant porcelain.


It’s definitely a sight to see during the day, but it gets even better as the sun sets.


On the third day, you can check out the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market famous for its boats with friendly vendors selling a ton of fresh food and goods.


Bangkok is renowned for her massive night markets and malls that sell everything at extremely low prices. Cashless payment options are even available at 1.6 million Thai stores.

S’poreans Can Now Go On Cashless Shopping Sprees At Chatuchak, Platinum Mall & Train Markets

You’ll definitely go crazy shopping for clothes, shoes and other quirky items at Chatuchak Weekend Market, Jatuchak Green Market, Rod Fai Night Market and Asiatique The Riverfront.

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The Chatuchak Weekend Market, on Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok, is the largest market in Thailand. Also known as JJ Market, it has more than 15,000 stalls, divided into 27 sections.Wikipedia Did you know: Chatuchak Market is known to locals and nearly every tourist entering Bangkok as one of the world's biggest outdoor markets. timeout.com . . #chatuchakweekendmarket #pochatuchak #chatuchaksg #vintagebagchatuchak #chatuchakgreen #chatuchakmarket #chatuchakmarkets #inkychatuchak #chatuchakthaidrinks #chatuchakplaza #chatuchakbangkok #mixtchatuchak #chatuchakweekend #chatuchaknightmarket #chatuchak #chatuchakfishmarket #chatuchakweekendmarkets #chatuchakmarketbangkok #chatuchakrunnersclub #chatuchakpark #chatuchakkhwaeng #翟道翟棉棉冰chatuchak #chatuchakcafe #mrtchatuchak #chatuchakjkt #chatuchake

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Stay at 3-5 star hotels

WeekendGoWhere’s $378/pax package includes 3-night stays at P2 Boutique hotel which has a three-star rating.


You can also opt for other hotels but prices will vary accordingly.

Premium dining options and luxurious experiences at 5-star hotels such as the Amari Watergate hotel, Pathumwan Princess and The Berkeley Hotel are available for those looking to pamper themselves.


If you’re not too big on luxury but value upscale quality and extraordinary comfort, then  book your stay in these 4-star hotels:

  • Baiyoke Sky Hotel
  • Grand Diamond Suite
  • Centara Watergate Pavilion Hotel
  • Arnoma Hotel
  • Centre Point Hotel Pratunam
  • Glow Hotel
  • Novotel Platinum
  • Ramada D’MA Bangkok


If you’re on a budget, you can still get quality service and good suites at 3-star hotels such as Asia Hotel Bangkok and Baiyoke Boutique Hotel.


Booking your stay

We’re sure that this deal is definitely on your radar, if you’re planning a Bangkok getaway.

The booking period is only up till 19 Dec so get your laptop and grab your passport.

Travel periods start from 1 Jan to 31 May 2019. The minimum stay is three days and you should expect to pay more for longer visits.

Note that the package does not include the tipping guide fee of THB100/person, which is payable in Bangkok.

You can easily book your stay and learn more about this deal by getting in touch with WeekendGoWhere on Facebook Messenger. You can also talk to their travel consultants on WhatsApp +65 93900052 from Mon-Fri, 9am to 6pm and Sat, 9am to 5pm.

See you there!

WeekendGoWhere Office
Location: Blk 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #06-14 (One-North MRT station)
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat-Sun: 9am-5pm
Contact: +65 9390 0052 (WhatsApp)

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This Building In Outram Is A Secret 14-Storey IKEA For Furniture Hipsters

Tan Boon Liat Building Houses 37 Shops Selling Furniture & Lifestyle Products

They say first impressions last but you might want to look past that when it comes to this nondescript building at Outram Road.

If you’ve been in the area, you probably would’ve walked or driven right past what appears to be an old industrial building.


But step inside any one of the units and you might be surprised. Hidden from the public eye are stores selling quality furniture and home decor.

14 storeys of lifestyle shopping

With 37 lifestyle stores spread over 14 storeys, spending just a few hours at Tan Boon Liat Building won’t be enough.


Aiyo, might as well shop at IKEA right, everything there. At most climb staircase up or down one level can already.

Well yes, if you prefer convenience and owning furniture that everyone can identify because they’ve either seen it before or own it themselves.

But aren’t you tired of people’s comments about your home being right out of an IKEA catalogue? Everyone has seen what the showrooms have to offer, so why not try something different?

Take the time out of your weekend to visit some of the stores at Tan Boon Liat Building. You’re bound to find something that could add an interesting touch to your home.

Unique furniture & home decor stores

Are the walls in your house looking plain and boring like your computer screen at work?

Add colour and character to them by hanging paintings from LivingwithArt Singapore‘s gallery. The store even looks like it’s right out of a legit art museum.


Artwork isn’t just for the high-SES since affordable paintings can be bought here.

You can even customise the artwork by altering its style, colours, dimensions and execution so it would fit your living space better.


Of course, a house would be bare without furniture and home accessories. You can choose from the many home decor stores available, one of which is Journey East.


Hipsters of all shapes and sizes would scream “YASSS” when they see this store. From vintage to industrial furnishings, pieces from Journey East will appeal to fans of everything counter culture.


No matter what your taste in home decor or furnishing may be, Tan Boon Liat Building is the place to go to get everything you need to make your home look on point.

We help you navigate the maze that is the industrial complex with our top 10 picks from the 37 vendors here in our full article.

10 Tan Boon Liat Building Vendors That Give IKEA A Run For Its Money

November block party

Not sure when to visit? There’ll be a block party at Tan Boon Liat Building this weekend (24 & 25 Nov) with mini markets, pop-up stalls, workshops and exclusive deals.

Four visitors will also stand a chance to win S$250 in cash vouchers by simply leaving their email addresses at any of the shops in the building.

And the party won’t be about home decor alone. Christmas is weeks away, so expect to find quirky gift ideas, food and other exciting items for your home this festive season.


Add some flair to your Christmas stockings with these elaborate designs from Hassan’s Carpets.


When you’re tired of trawling fourteen levels for home decoration ideas, stop by The Providore — a grocery store, cafe, deli, bakery and cooking studio all rolled into one.


Get the Christmas treats and wine that you need to host the perfect party in your freshly furnished home.


Are you itching to go already? We definitely are. Here are more details of the event.

Dates: Saturday & Sunday, 24 & 25 Nov 2018
Time: 10am-6pm
Location: Tan Boon Liat Building, 315 Outram Road, Singapore 169074
Nearest MRT Station: Outram Park

Bring your partners or maybe the entire family down to Tan Boon Liat Building this weekend for a fun Christmas shopping experience.

Even if you’re not looking to buy anything, just being there would be a great chance for a taste of the boujee lifestyle.

Featured image from Google Maps and Journey East’s Facebook.

World’s First Quarry Hotel In Shanghai Has Underwater Suites & A Majestic Waterfall

Quarry Hotel In Shanghai Opens On 1 Dec

What do you do with a giant hole in the ground?

In Shanghai, they’ve turned an abandoned rock quarry into the world’s first underground hotel complete with a cascading glass waterfall.


The massive 18-storey Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland opens in the Sheshan Mountain Range near Shanghai on 1 Dec. With two above ground levels and 16 subterranean levels – including 2 underwater floors of suites – the hotel is a literal Poseidon’s castle.


Excited to book a trip? Here’s what you can expect from this architectural marvel.

Underwater paradise

We all love a good view.

You might love taking selfies in tall skyscrapers, but this hotel proves that there’s nothing better than witnessing marine life underground. You can literally “sleep with the fishes” at their underwater suites.


And you don’t need to book an underwater suite to see the view. Just visit Mr. Fisher, their specialty seafood venue, which offers delicious concoctions and massive aquariums.


Waterfalls galore

If you’re not a fan of fishes, you can check out the viewing deck to watch water cascading down a glorious man-made waterfall on a scenic lake.


You can also go rock climbing, kayaking & checking out the glass-floor skywalk to admire some exotic flora and fauna.


There’s also a helicopter pad in the viewing deck where you may catch a glimpse of some Crazy Rich Asians on their private rendezvous.


The magic doesn’t disappear after the sun sets. You can check out spectacular light shows after dark — flashy enough to resemble a UFO landing.


Indoor wonderland

If you thought the outdoor views were jaw-dropping, wait till you get indoors.

Cascading coloured indoor fountains with special effects make for a glorious centrepiece at the heart of the hotel lobby.


Of course, no luxury hotel is complete without a few quality art pieces, and you’ll see a lot at this hotel. Take a look at this wave-like sculpture atop a fountain in the main entrance.


Inside the building, you’ll see some stacked black and white marble slabs and hexagonal rock-shaped formations.


Even their wall art is literally glowing.


Luxurious rooms & bars

Ultimately, a luxury hotel is a place for you to relax and take a break from the real world and their bedrooms are perfect for this.

The Intercontinental boasts 336 rooms and bespoke suites which echo the quarry’s natural landscape.

Suites come fully equipped with a massive master bedroom, comfy couches, decorative fireplaces and a smart TV. For the full Little Mermaid experience, select suites house aquarium viewing panels, where guests catch gorgeous shoals of fish hurrying past.


If you have kids, then you can book this family suite that comes with cute pillows, cloud art and a compelling view of the waterfalls.


Want to relax after a long bath? You’ll be happy to know that even the bathrooms are to die for.


You can also visit the Quarry bar for some creative concoctions — the perfect place to lounge around and drink to your heart’s content.


Getting there & booking your stay

Now that the Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland is definitely on your radar, how do you get there? You can book a flight from Singapore to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport via Singapore Airlines and China Eastern. From there, take a 40-minute taxi ride.

We don’t mean to burst your bubble but all good things come with a price. At S$673 a night, you might need to save up to cross this off your bucket list. But hey, sleeping with the deep sea fishies, that’s a once in a lifetime experience.

You can also check out their website to see their suites and book your stay.

See you there!

Location: Shimao Wonderland, 5188 Chen Hua Rd at Ding Yuan Rd, Songjiang District, Shanghai
Website: Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland

Featured image from Instagram.

Singapore Zoo To House Game Of Thrones’ Ice Dragon & Escape Room

Mythical Beasts Invade Singapore Zoo

Dragons and unicorns may not be real, but nobody can deny that they’re very majestic creatures.

Up till now, we could only watch them in fantasy films, but what if there was a chance to see them up close?

From Saturday (17 Nov), come face-to-face with dragons at Singapore Zoo as it transforms into a magical realm with mythical creatures that move and spout water.

Close by, River Safari traps visitors in a site-wide lockdown that requires sharp wit and teamwork to escape.

Night King’s Ice Dragon from Game of Thrones

If you’ve always wanted to get up close and personal with ferocious beasts in big-budget Hollywood movies this event is definitely for you.

Valley of Myths at Singapore Zoo will bring mystical creatures from diverse cultural origins to life with animatronics.

Expect life-sized sculptures of beasts like the Unicorn, Griffin and Dragon to emerge from among the trees and tower over visitors.

Listen close and you might hear their distinctive wails. Careful, don’t stand too near or you may get sprayed by a stream of water spouting from their mouths.

Water-spouting dragons still not cutting it for you? Fans of HBO Original series Game of Thrones (GoT) would surely be looking for more.

You’d be thrilled to know that there will also be a 3D replica of Viserion, the Night King’s Ice Dragon.

Clouds of smoke billowing around Viserion signal the arrival of the Night King himself along with his White Walkers.

But they will only appear on 17-18 & 24-25 Nov 2018 so mark those dates down for photo ops with them.

River Lockdown: A real-life board game

Visitors who want an even more interactive experience can head over to the River Safari and participate in the escape room challenge.

Conducted by leading escape game provider Lockdown Singapore, the challenge tests players’ problem solving skills as they go around the River Safari in teams to solve six different puzzles.

Throw a dice after solving every puzzle and you’ll find where your next station should be.

Game masters will caution you to complete the challenge within two hours or you’ll be stuck in the game forever. Sounds familiar?


Each puzzle requires you to consult the information boards at the respective animal exhibits, so you’ll be learning something new while playing the game.

Fun for all ages

Whether you’re young or young at heart, visiting the installations at Singapore Zoo and playing the games at River Safari will be a great way to spend the year-end holidays with family.

Exciting things are in store for visitors of all ages so there’s enough to keep everyone entertained.

There’s a Creature Researcher Trail specially for children to discover about the real life-animals that inspired the mythical creatures in the Valley of Myths.

And everyone can meet a real-life dragon — a bearded dragon, and pet it.

Entrance fees into the respective parks are as follows:

Singapore Zoo

Adult: S$35, Child: S$23

River Safari

Adult: S$32, Child: S$21

There will be a special promotion on admission tickets to the zoo throughout the event period. Buy a full-priced adult ticket and you can get 45% off the second ticket. The promo is only valid for local residents.

You’ll have to pay extra if you want to play the River Lockdown, which will be available on 17 and 18 Nov 2018 from 10am to 5pm.

Tickets go at S$240/6 pax, which equates to S$40/pax. Get them soon because tickets for some time slots are selling out.

So if you’re looking for fun activities to entertain the entire family, head over to Singapore Zoo and the River Safari this year-end holidays.

The events will only last till 31 Dec 2018 so hurry down before you miss out on this unique experience.

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Singapore Zoo’s RepTopia Has Animals So Smol They Fit On 5 Cent Coins

Featured image by MustShareNews. Photos taken by Geron Sum.

Seoul Library Literally Brings Books To Life In Stunning Christmas Display

Starfield Library In Seoul Is Christmas Goals

If you love the smell of freshly-shelved books, boy do we have wonderful news for you — especially if you’re making a trip to Korea this festive season.


Starfield Library in Gangnam, Seoul, is spreading the Christmas cheer with larger-than-life illustrations painted across its towering shelves of books.

Paintings turn fairy tales into reality

Childhood fairy tales tend to stay in our memories because of the magical elements that the stories have. But when was the last time you immersed yourself in an illustrated book of fairy tales?


Picking one up would feel like a strange thing to do now, but you can at least indulge in the nostalgia at Starfield Library.

Paintings of fairy tale animals cover the height of a three-sided tower of bookshelves that takes center-stage in the huge library.

Stretching all the way up till it almost touches the ceiling, each painted side depicts a fantastical scene of animals engaging in fun activities.


This one has what appears to a rabbit and a very smug reindeer sledding down a snowy slope. They’re dressed in red and green jumpers — it can’t get more Christmas-y than that.

If you sit at the edge of the bench, you could make it look like the animals are barrelling straight towards you. You’re basically creating your own 3D museum experience.


A fancy-dressed giraffe, bear and mouse riding high bicycles or penny-farthings in all sizes is certainly a sight to behold. And look at that pup with its ears flying in the wind.

We’re not sure what fairy tale this would remind you of, but it’s certainly fascinating enough to excite the child in all of us.

Starfield library by night

Think the Christmas lights at Orchard are all the rage? Wait till you see Starfield Library at night.

After the sunlight fades away, pretty Christmas lights give the space a warm and cosy glow.


Take a break from reading, look up and pretend that you’re relaxing under a starlit sky.


The large space and decorations combine to create a magical atmosphere that we can all associate Christmas with.

Library that’s not just about books

What’s even cooler about Starfield Library is that it’s not just about shelves of books as far as the eye can see.


Yes, there are over 50,000 titles both in print and electronically on iPads, but the library also offers many other ways to appreciate the arts.


From lectures, meet & greets with authors to art exhibitions and ‘live’ music, it’s a one-stop hub for everything you need to get cultured.

Libraries aren’t just for bookworms anymore. Now you can be hip and happening while learning something new, be it by reading or being a part of the many events there.

Hidden gem in COEX mall

Starfield Library is located at the center of Central Plaza within COEX Mall, the largest underground shopping centre in Asia.

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm

Address: B1-1F Starfield COEX Mall, 513 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06164, South Korea.

Take the subway to Samseong Station (Seoul Subway Line 2) and take Exit 6. Follow the underground passageway connected to Starfield COEX Mall.

If you’ve planned your year-end holiday to Seoul, do make a point to drop by and visit this sprawling two-storey open library.

You may not be able to rent a book, but with 200 seats, free Wi-Fi and many power outlets, you can unwind with a good book here after a long shopping spree.

Sounds like the perfect shopping experience right? Let’s hope the upcoming library at VivoCity will have lots of exciting things to offer us too.

Bukit Merah Public Library Will Takeover Daiso’s Spot At VivoCity By End-2018

Featured image from Facebook.

3 Cartoon Network-Themed Attractions Near SG That Ice Bear Would Approve Of

Cartoon Network Theme Park In Bali By 2020

You’ve probably heard about Cartoon Network Wave, the first Cartoon Network-themed cruise sailing from Singapore in late-2018.

But did you know that there’s a Cartoon Network water park in Pattaya, Thailand?

And if all goes well, there’ll be a humongous Cartoon Network theme park in Bali by 2020 too!


We can practically hear all you Adventure Time and We Bare Bears fans screaming in anticipation for CN’s impending SEA invasion.

Here’s a quick look at what to expect.

1. Cartoon Network water park in Pattaya

The world’s first Cartoon Network water park, Cartoon Network Amazone, boasts 13 different attractions, a humongous merch store and various dining options in Pattaya, Thailand. That’s about a 2-hour drive from Bangkok.


We’d recommend exploring kid-friendly Cartoonival first — with countless slides and stairs themed after nostalgic 90s cartoons like Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory.


The attractions are rated by level of scariness and the Cartoonival is “teeth-clenching”, which is scary enough that friends can’t call you chicken.


If you’re the daredevil type who enjoys feeling your heart drop, you can go for a literal drop on the popular Goop Loop ride.

You’ll have to stand and wait patiently for a few seconds before the trap door you’re standing on falls, plunging you into a 12-metre free fall.


And it won’t just be a straight fall because you’ll be flying through a 360-degree loop like a wet Hot Wheels car.

No wonder this “heart-pumping” ride warns all the scaredy cats to stay away.

Another ride not for the faint-hearted is the XLR8-TOR. Yup, it’s read as “accelerator” like those times people used to spell “gr8” or “see you l8r” when texting. Cringe, but it’s efficient.


Likewise the ride is really quick too. The 18-meter vertical drop is the tallest and steepest water park attraction in Asia.


Forget about breaking the not so high speed limit on Singapore roads. You can go siao fast on the water slides, you’ll find it hard to breathe.

You can buy tickets in special meal-inclusive packages or opt for the single-admission full day pass instead, which is priced as follows:

Adults (aged 13-64): THB 1,290 (S$53.95)
Child (aged 3-12): THB 990 (S$41.40)
Seniors (aged >65): 
THB 990 (S$41.40)

Address: 888 Moo 8, Sukhunvit Rd., Na Jomtien, Sattahip District, 20250 Chonburi, Thailand

If you’re planning a trip to Thailand over the holidays, definitely don’t miss checking Cartoon Network Amazone out.

2. Fully-fledged Cartoon Network theme park in Bali

Of course one Cartoon Network theme park in Southeast Asia isn’t enough.

That’s why Cartoon Network is giving us another option with the upcoming entertainment park it plans to open in Bali in 2020.


The 43,000 square meter park will have an indoor entertainment centre, live shows as well as water rides that include huge surf and wave pools.

Cartoon Network hasn’t released more details of the park, but we can imagine the cool attractions that might be there.

See the winding green slide to the left? Maybe the multi-level, interweaving layers mean it’s a supersized version of the Omnitrix at Cartoon Network Amazone.


Elevated slides = more speed = more fun. Since you’ll be throttling down like a car on nitro speed, you’ll have loads of time to go on all the rides over and over.


Look at the way the slides criss-cross over each other. We’re betting that it’ll take no less than three goes spinning down these slides before you start to Merlion.

And that’s only one side of the enormous park. If our guess is true, the entertainment park in Bali could rival or even beat the water park in Thailand.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more deets closer to the release date.

3. World’s first Cartoon Network cruise sails from Singapore

The Cartoon Network Wave’s not only the world’s first cruise liner to have Jake plastered all over its massive form, it also has 11 guest decks & 800-themed cabins and suites to cater to over 2,000 guests.


It also houses the world’s first triplex or three-storey suites perfect for large families. That’s literally like having your very own multilevel luxurious home on the high seas.

Image courtesy of Turner Asia Pacific

If this is what a suite on the ship looks like, can we apply for permanent residency there?

Image courtesy of Turner Asia Pacific

There are only two triplex suites on board, with other types of suites available in different sizes. Prices start at S$200/night.

Restaurants, cafes, bars and shops will give you the full holiday experience aboard a ship that appeals to passengers of all ages, so it’s not just for kids.

But why go on a Cartoon Network cruise if you’re not gonna immerse yourself in the cartoon world, right? Guests can take a go at the Adventure Time-themed rope park and obstacle course.

Lady Rainicorn would definitely approve of that slide.


Cartoon Network hasn’t disclosed specific details of other attractions, but expect to see scenes from familiar cartoons everywhere you look.

Step into Johnny Bravo’s world in this alfresco burger bar. Johnny Bravo’s hao lian character might not be very pleasant, but let’s hope the food makes up for it.


Not a fan of Johnny Bravo? It’s okay because on such a huge cruise ship, there are sure to be tons of other characters. Confirm plus chop.

We won’t be surprised if you run into Powerpuff Girls, Adventure Time or even We Bare Bears characters on one of your casual strolls about the decks.


We still don’t know when exactly the cruise will set sail or how you can get tickets, but for more information, visit the website here.

Adventure of a lifetime

The end-of-year holidays are approaching fast and most of us are probably scratching our heads over what we can do.

Family-friendly holidays like these Cartoon Network-themed attractions will definitely be the best way to please everyone in the fam — from grandma to your little cousins.

So if you haven’t gotten your holiday plans sorted out yet, we’d suggest that you check out Cartoon Network’s offerings and plan a holiday that your whole family will remember.

After all, you won’t just be enjoying Adventure Time for real, you’ll be embarking on an adventure of a lifetime with your loved ones.

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Featured images from Cartoon Network Wave Asia’s Facebook, Cartoon Network Amazone’s Facebook and The Jakarta Post.

There’s A Hidden LINE Village Theme Park At Siam Square Most S’poreans Walk Past

LINE Village Theme Park At Siam Square One

If you’re a regular Bangkok tripper, you may think you know all there is to Siam’s premium shopping belt.

Think again.

LINE – a popular text messaging app – low key launched their 3-storey indoor theme park in Siam Square One earlier this year.


Only, it’s hidden behind this deceptively cute storefront, so most Singaporeans just breeze past it, none the wiser.


Here’s what to expect, from over 20-themed rooms, to Virtual Reality (VR) encounters with Brown & Cony, as well as plenty of artistic shots for your Instafeed. Not to mention a thrilling VR roller coaster based on an actual Six Flags ride.


Best of all, children under 90cm enter for free.

Dads who struggle to entertain the kiddos while your better halves are shopping, you’re most welcome.

1. Mirrored rooms, LED corridors & VR encounters

The folks at LINE Village definitely understand millennials, and have gone out of their way to pepper the trail with artistic backdrops for you to achieve that perfect mirrored shot.


If all staircases look like this, we wouldn’t mind the daily step work out.


Also, don’t forget to check out this mirrored room dedicated to the adorable LINE mascot, Brown! Only, he’s now white, lighted, and has a million clones.


This lighted interactive LED corridor plastered with kaleidoscopic LINE characters bidding you a fond goodbye will be the perfect conclusion to a fun tour.

2. Gurl time with Cony & Choco

Delightfully pink-themed hangouts will make all the internal fangirls within you squeal when you pay a visit to Cony’s and Choco’s rooms.


You may not be able to try out Choco’s clothes fur realz, but you’ll definitely love snapping a picture with Sally in her adorable bubble bath.


Cony’s kitchen will also bring our the domestic goddesses, with a fun Cooking Mama style interactive game available for guests.


3. James’ romantic garden terrace

Let debonair James whisk you away for a garden date in a lush forest terrace within the park.

We won’t be too surprised if the set-up puts you in the mood to propose to your significant other either.


Treating the people you love like the queens and kings they are, is definitely something King James himself would approve of.


4. Blast off with Moon

Fans of the moon-faced human-esque character Moon will also not be disappointed by his room, inspired by his dreams of blasting off into space.


Expect spacesuits, endless sky blankets of twinkling stars, a telescope and even a life-sized rocket hidden snugly between a washing machine and a microwave.


5. Be a Boss & visit Brown’s library

Boss’ room will definitely give men FOMO as well, for it has a luxurious parquet floor and tons of branded watches, suits and polished shoes.


If reading’s more your thing, then head back to regular-SES Brown’s room to chill with the adorable bear.


Wait, he’s got a library too, so he ain’t that low-SES after all.


6. Spin records with Brown & try a VR rollercoaster

When night falls, LINE Village will transform into the hottest party district. Thanks to DJ Brown who’ll hype up the crowd with freshly spun records.


A VR-themed rollercoaster experience featuring LINE Characters is also in-store for adventurous visitors.


Be warned that it’s not for the faint-of-heart as the thrilling ride was inspired by an iconic coaster at the Six Flags amusement park in the US.

7. Glorious food & merch galore

You won’t want to walk away empty-handed from the Line Theme Park either.


Be sure to drop by the gargantuan collection of LINE collectibles, plushies, socks, plates, and stationery, to grab a souvenir for your envious friends.


LINE Village has also said there’s a cafe area in the works, so we’re expecting that they’ll be cute themed-food and desserts served up soon.


Free entry for kids under 90cm

We’ve got great news for children below the height of 90cm, entry is absolutely free for you.

As for taller children, parents and children-at-heart, here’s how much it’ll cost you for a visit. Ticket prices are inclusive of the VR rollercoaster ride and other digital adventures within the tour.

Children (90-140cm) – 790 Baht (S$33)
Adults (above 140cm) –  990 Baht (S$41)

Here are the rest of the deets you’ll need to know to pay LINE Village a visit on your next Bangkok trip.

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm. Last entry at 9pm.
Online Booking: Book your tickets here. Walk-ins are encouraged too.
Address: Siam Square One Building (SQ) 338 Rama 1 Road, 1st Floor, Pathumwan, Bangkok, 10330
Phone: +66 95 503 6666
Official Website: https://www.linevillagebangkok.com/

Get in LINE

Whether you’re a rabid fan of all things LINE, or have no clue as to what these characters are, we’re sure you’ve found this guide useful.

The next time you walk past an unsuspectingly cute LINE storefront along Siam in Bangkok, it’ll be wise to wonder if there’s anything exciting hidden in plain sight.

Featured image from AspirantSG and LINE Village Bangkok.

Whampoa BTO Flat Transformed Into Minimalist Japanese Heaven

Japanese Zen Design Makes BTO Flat Seem Like It’s Not In Singapore

Whampoa is an estate with mostly old HDB blocks that people wouldn’t think twice about.

But a couple in their 30’s has gotten creative with renovating their 4-room BTO flat in the neighbourhood to turn it into every minimalist’s dream.

Light colour tones

Gone are the days of brightly-coloured walls or wallpapers with tacky patterns. Nobody wants a house that’s screaming for attention from all corners.

Clean, white walls all around make the house feel spacious as there is uniformity throughout the entire space.


The muted colours are also reflected in the light wood tones. These contribute to the zen effect characteristic of Japanese minimalist designs.

Now you know how little it takes to make your house a literal comfort zone. Just stick to lighter colours!

Textured panels

Wooden textures in some parts of the BTO flat contrast wonderfully with the plain white walls.


They add to the relaxing vibes by mimicking the colour palette of a house nestled within a Japanese garden.


It kind of resembles the Genko-an Temple in Kyoto with the wooden panels and open concept of the non-partitioned space.

There’s even a mini stone sculpture to match.


Now here’s a perfect place for you to retreat and meditate.

A warm and inviting home

Designed by local architecture and design company Studio Super Safari, this 92 sq m flat in Whampoa is a homeowner’s heaven.

Every space is curated to provide maximum comfort with minimum objects while maintaining full functionality.


Imagine sitting in this living space with a good book and a warm cup of coffee on a rainy Sunday. Or unwinding and watching TV with your significant other after a long day at work.


Preparing meals and having them in the kitchen that flows into the dining area would be a hassle-free affair.


And you can envision yourself on vacation in a peaceful Japanese resort with a bedroom that looks like this.

This couple’s unique BTO flat is proof that size and location do not determine how hip or cool your home is. All you need is some creative ideas and the right designers to help execute them.

Condo residents and homeowners in trendy neighbourhoods like Tiong Bahru would envy this Whampoa flat’s new look.

In case you were wondering, the median price of a 4-room BTO flat in Kallang/Whampoa in the November 2016 launch was S$545,000.

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Minions Village Is The Best Hotel For Families This School Holiday

Minions Galore At This Holiday Destination

Remember the time your whole family was obsessed with Minions?

This coming school holiday, you’ll get the chance to relive your obsession and see larger than life Minions at Ấp Ða Lợi, Vietnam.


The town’s Minions Village is an adorable homestay situated amid mountain ranges and lush greenery.


Here’s what you can expect from this unique destination:

Ginormous Minions wonderland

Of course, the main highlight of the homestay is the ginormous Minions.


You might have fallen in love with Minions because they’re small and tiny, but this destination proves that bigger things will make you happier.


They’re literally huggable, but remember that this version isn’t soft.


Lush green gardens & landscapes

If you’re dreaming of lush landscapes and afternoons spent outdoors, then look no further. At S$25 per night, you’ll be surrounded by exquisitely landscaped gardens.


Since Ấp Ða Lợi is a hilly region, you’ll need to walk quite a bit to get to your destination. After all, nothing good ever comes easy.


The climb is completely worth it once you see the gorgeous gardens at the top.

The best part? The property has a bunch of terraces where you can enjoy breathtaking views with your friends and family.


It’s definitely a sight to see in the day, but it gets even better at night. The lanterns gloriously illuminate the garden, which helps create a romantic atmosphere that’s perfect for twilight celebrations.


Minion wardrobes & comfy rooms

The Minions aren’t just on the outside of the homestay, they’re inside too. You can place your clothes and other essentials in their Minion-themed wardrobes.


Ultimately, a homestay is a place for you to vacay and take a break from the stress of the city and their rooms are perfect for this.

The bedrooms walls are inspired by city scenes. The artistic and simple set-up will undoubtedly make your friends and family want to stay for a very long time.


What if you want to be a couch potato? You can binge watch your favorite Netflix shows on a flat-screen TV on the shared lounge area. The homestay also offers free WiFi.


Getting there

Here’s how to get to this Minion wonderland.

You can book a flight from Singapore to Lien Khuong Airport on Jetstar Airways. From there, take a 45-minute taxi ride.

What are you waiting for? Book your stay and grab your passports.

At S$25 per night, this Insta-worthy holiday destination will help you feel relaxed without breaking the bank.

Only this time, you get to enjoy it with ginormous Minions.

See you there!

Location: 142 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 10, Ấp Ða Lợi, Vietnam
Website:  Minions Village

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Bukit Merah Public Library Will Takeover Daiso’s Spot At VivoCity By End-2018

Bukit Merah Public Library Will Open At VivoCity By End 2018


NLB announced on Thursday (1 Nov) that Bukit Merah Public Library (BMPL)’s new premises at VivoCity will open to the public on 12 Jan 2019 — a 2-week delay from its initial opening date.

BMPL’s old premises at Bukit Merah Central will cease operations from 1 Dec.

Earlier this year, pictures surfaced on Facebook that Daiso’s VivoCity branch will be closing down for good.


This followed reports in Jul 2017 that BMPL will be relocating to VivoCity.

The public speculated for nearly 6 months as to which store will be giving way to the library.

Just 5 days after the announcement, a petition named “Save the Bukit Merah Library” was posted to protest the move.

The petition has garnered close to 1000 supporters at the time of writing.


Daiso’s old location at VivoCity has also been walled up, as per an update on 3 Oct.

Posters by the National Library Board (NLB) declaring that there’s a “Library coming soon” are also plastered across the temporary installment.


Moving to Vivo in end-2018

According to NLB, BMPL will move into VivoCity by the end of this year.

Currently, NLB hasn’t made any announcements regarding the closing date of BMPL.

We have reached out to NLB for more information, and will update this article accordingly once relevant information is made known to us.

However, Instagram posts tagged at the Library seemed to indicate that BMPL is still operational.

BMPL is currently located at Bukit Merah Central, just a stone’s throw away from Bukit Merah Community Centre.


Post-relocation, Bukit Merah residents will still be able to access reading sources and services at various ‘touchpoints’ in the area. Here’s a full list of the ‘touchpoints’ here.

NLB will also be providing books, computers for residents to access online resources, and will be conducting mass borrowing services at these locations.

NLB initiated move to promote reading

This relocation is part of NLB efforts to relocate libraries into areas with other community facilities and shopping malls near major transport nodes.

Other libraries that have relocated under this program include the Tampines Regional Library and the Bedok Public Library.

Are you sad to see Daiso go?

What are your thoughts on this NLB’s initiative?

Will relocating libraries to locations with higher human traffic help to promote reading among Singaporeans?

Or are you still mourning Daiso’s demise at VivoCity? Sound out in the comments below.

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