Watch Movies, Football Matches On Terminal 3’s New Giant Screen

Screen Will Be At T3’s New Atrium

Changi Airport may have retained the title of best in the world for 6 years running, but that doesn’t mean it’s slowing things down.

The group has just announced that a new atrium will be built at Terminal 3’s Basement 2. The space is currently unused.

The Straits Times reports that the new atrium will be ready by Christmas this year.

As part of the enhancements, more than 10 new shops and food outlets will be added to T3's Basement 2 which already has about 50 retail and service, as well as food and beverage outlets.Source: Changi Airport Group via The Straits Times

The atrium will serve as a space for family and friends to gather for events and performances which Changi Airport will be “specially curating“.

There will also be a huge ultra high-definition screen where patrons can enjoy movie screenings and watch football matches.

The atrium will be big enough to hold 200 people, so you won’t have to worry about jostling for space all the time.

More stalls and an art-themed garden

The atrium won’t be the only new thing you can visit at T3.

By March next year, a host of new food shops will be added to the current 50 or so.

Related imageSource

They include Hokkaido Paradise, Coffee Boy, Saap Saap Thai, and many more delicious delights!

As for nature lovers, Basement 1 will feature a new garden.

The airport is already host to numerous gardens such as the Sunflower Garden and Butterfly Garden.

Image result for butterfly garden changiChangi Butterfly Garden at T3

The Group has not released any further details or pictures of the new garden, so do keep a look out.

As for Changi Airport enthusiasts, you can be sure that your Christmas won’t be an uneventful one.

With T1 getting a whole new mall, Jewel Changi Airport, it seems only fair that T3 gets a little something for itself as well.

Featured image from Changi Airport Group via The Straits Times.

RIP Sentosa’s Tiger Sky Tower; We Kinda Saw Your End Coming

Tiger Sky Tower’s Closure Was Inevitable

If the words ‘Sky Tower in Sentosa’ or ‘Tiger Sky Tower’ ring no bells, don’t worry because you’re probably not alone.

The 110-meter tall attraction provides a vantage point for people who are willing to pay to enter and catch the views around Sentosa.

Roughly as high as 36 floors, it’s Singapore’s highest observation tower.

Pretty impressive features, so why is it closing down?

Stopped a few times in mid-air with passengers on board

The tower has faced multiple mechanical glitches over the years, often times with passengers left stranded on board.

Here are at least 3 cases which may have set Tiger Sky Tower on a clear path towards its inevitable closure.

1. June 2010

A mechanical fault forced operations to be halted, leaving 36 people suspended 30m above the ground.

The guests, which included 3 elderly people and 8 children, were stuck in the gondola for about 2.5 hours.

They received biscuits and bottled water from an emergency supply stored in the gondola.

Operators of the ride, engineers from Sky Tower and personnel from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) worked together to bring guests back down to the ground.

2. July 2010

Mechanical faults caused the ride to stop again, this time with 10 tourists on board.

The tourists were suspended 55m above ground because an uneven curvature on the track affected the balance of the cabin.

SCDF personnel reached them via an emergency staircase and led them back down the same way.

The rescue took less than 2 hours but we suspect that it was because there were much fewer people this time.

3. August 2017

7 years later, the same problem befell the Sky Tower as operations ceased due to a mechanical fault.

39 people were stranded 25m above the ground for about 4 hours.


It took the combined effort of SCDF personnel, Sentosa Rangers and engineers of Sky Tower to bring the gondola down.

Rescuers from SCDF’s Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (DART) had to climb to the top of the tower and rappel down to check on the guests.

Sentosa Rangers had to assist Sky Tower engineers in manually cranking the gondola down.

Not the only place to get breathtaking views

We don’t know about you but we wouldn’t travel all the way to Sentosa just to visit the Sky Tower for amazing views.

There are plenty of more affordable and accessible alternatives for that within the city alone.

The best one is perhaps ION Sky located at levels 55 and 56 of ION Orchard. It’s right in town and free for all to enter.


Tickets selling at heavily discounted prices

There’s still some good news for curious Singaporeans who wanna check out Tiger Sky Tower before it closes down on 28 Dec.

From 1 Nov, standard tickets will be sold at $8.80 instead of the usual $18 per ride, while children’s tickets will go for $4.80.

So if you’re feeling nostalgic, go get your tickets soon.

If the new mid-range hotels at Sentosa are anything to go by, maybe we could expect to hear about new attractions too.

Featured image from Google Maps.

First H&M Kids Store In Asia To Open At United Square In Thomson

H&M Launches First Kids Store In Asia Here In Singapore

Running out of ideas on where to buy cute clothes for your children?

If you’re tired of shopping at Cotton On Kids or Fox Kids all the time, you’ll soon have a new store to go to.

H&M will be unveiling its first kids store in Singapore at United Square on Thursday, 22 Nov 2018.


What’s in store for the kiddos?

Currently, children’s clothes and accessories are only available in several H&M stores like the ones at Suntec City, VivoCity and ION Orchard.

Even then, they occupy only a small section of the store. The new H&M Kids outlet will dedicate an entire store just to kids apparel.

You can expect to find a wide selection of clothes, accessories and footwear for kids, from newborns to teens aged up to 14 years.

Since it’s close to the holiday season, it will be the perfect time and place to shop for your children’s clothes.


For parents who always find themselves stressing over their children’s outfits for festive occasions, H&M has a range designed just for that.

And the children’s clothes are stylish yet age-appropriate, so there’s no need to worry.


Free tote bag & $200 H&M vouchers

To celebrate the Grand Opening, shoppers will be treated to free popcorn at the United Square outlet.

The first 80 shoppers in line will receive a free H&M limited edition tote bag and a chance to win a H&M voucher worth up to $200.

That’s equivalent to about 10 items of clothing for your child!

Image courtesy of United Square

There’ll be a lucky draw to select a winner of the $200 voucher and the $100 voucher respectively. The other 78 shoppers in line will receive a $10 H&M voucher each.

Vouchers can be used with any purchase at the United Square outlet on that day.

Image courtesy of United Square

Opening Hours: 10am-10pm, Mon-Sun (incl. Public Holidays)
Address: #01-04, 101 Thomson Road, S’pore 307591

Out with the old, in with the new

We may still be mourning some of the major fashion brands that have left Singapore recently.

10 Major Fashion Outlets You’ll Never See Again In Singapore

But perhaps, their absence simply makes way for new players to come in.

So parents, mark your calendars for 22 Nov and get your children ready for a holiday shopping spree at H&M Kids!

Featured image from Facebook & H&M Mongkok at InsideRetail.

Why Punggol Town Hub May Perform Better Than Our Tampines Hub

Punggol Town Hub Is A Necessity For Residents

Remember when Our Tampines Hub (OTH) was officially opened on 6 Aug 2017?

Touted as Singapore’s largest integrated community hub, there was much anticipation for its opening since it took 3 years to complete.

OTH may have celebrated 20 million visitors in Jun 2018, but residents say that the footfall isn’t as impressive as its initial launch.

Now, Punggol will be welcoming its own mega-hub by 2021. If the situation is anything like Tampines, you’d think that it’s a bad move.

But what will guarantee that Punggol Town Hub will perform better than OTH?

Punggol is a young residential town

Though residential areas have existed in Punggol decades ago, it wasn’t until 2007 that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong introduced plans to develop Punggol.

Fast forward 11 years and much of the Punggol 21 Plus project has been realised.

With the Punggol Waterway, parks and schools up and running, the resident population of Punggol has grown from 52,700 in 2007 to 83, 300 in 2013.


Dr Janil Puthucheary, MP for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC, explained that lots of facilities are needed to cater to Punggol’s rapid growth.

As many young couples are setting up their first homes in Punggol, a large & integrated hub would be an asset to the community.

5 Reasons Why Punggol’s Waterfront Living Is like The BTO Version Of Sentosa

In comparison, HDB started developing Tampines way back in the 1980’s. Tampines Town was already designated as a regional centre in the early 90’s.

So it’s safe to say that Tampines already had all the basic facilities its residents need, which makes OTH just an added bonus rather than a necessity.

Punggol residents need a place besides Tampines to buy food

Punggol’s current retail offerings are mainly at Punggol Plaza and Waterway Point.

There also aren’t many dining options since there are no major food centres around.

The new hawker centre at Punggol Town Hub will mean that Punggol residents won’t have to travel to places like Tampines just to buy food.


Other new amenities like Punggol’s new public library and a childcare centre, will help satisfy all her residents’ needs under one roof.


Tampines on the other hand already has 3 large malls located near Tampines MRT station and bus interchange — Tampines Mall, Tampines 1 and the revamped Century Square.

Home to many famous food haunts, Tampines residents are basically living in food heaven.

Maybe that’s why we rarely see people flocking to OTH for food.

It’ll be interesting to see the response to food options at Punggol Town Hub instead.

The hub’s directly at the MRT station

Those who have visited OTH will know how troublesome it is to walk there from Tampines MRT station.

Fortunately, for curious visitors to Punggol, the Town Hub will be connected directly to Punggol MRT station.

And that’s not all! It will also link to Punggol Town Square and Sam Kee LRT station. So you can explore parts of Punggol if you’re feeling adventurous.

An exciting new communal space

All comparisons aside, the construction of yet another integrated community hub is exciting news for any neighbourhood.

More options for shopping and dining will leave residents spoilt for choice.

Let’s hope that the Punggol Town Hub will fare well after its launch and make residents’ lives a lot easier.

Featured image from Facebook and Google Maps.

Durian, Century Eggs Named World’s Most Disgusting Foods

Durian And Century Eggs Among Dishes Featured In Sweden’s Disgusting Food Museum

Do you find durians too nasty to eat? Are you tired of other Singaporeans criticising you for not liking durians?

If you answered yes to both these questions, you’re in for a surprise. The city of Malmo in Sweden shares your sentiments in a very interesting way.

Malmo’s Disgusting Food Museum is exhibiting “80 of the world’s most disgusting food” and our favourite durian has made it to the list.

Mixed reactions

The museum’s website offers no description of the food it will be exhibiting, but Singaporeans aren’t taking their criticism of durian well.


There are a handful who support the museum’s durian decision but they’re a minority.

Sounds like any other argument here in Singapore during the durian season.

Whether you’re a fan of durians or not, we should be excited that the regional king of fruits is gaining recognition worldwide.

Century eggs

Durians weren’t the only regional favourite to make the list. Everybody’s favourite century eggs were also rubbished as “disgusting”.


A comfort food to many, century eggs are duck eggs preserved overnight in strong black tea, lime, salt and freshly burned wood ashes.

Its jelly-like texture and pungent smell don’t deter it from becoming a staple in rice porridge.

You can find them in most Chinese restaurants that sell porridge here in Singapore or at any major supermarket like Cold Storage and FairPrice.

At least 12 of the exhibits are from Asia

Here are some examples of other Asian delicacies at featured at the Disgusting Food Museum.

Spicy rabbit head


Popular in Chengdu, China, rabbit heads are soaked in water for several hours to remove the blood before being cooked in spice-infused broth.

It is recommended to wear gloves while eating them because of the precise manoeuvres required to dismantle the heads.

The parts that people enjoy eating include the tongue, cheek meat, eyeballs and brain.

Stinky tofu


Stinky tofu is a national snack in Taiwan and is usually deep-fried, barbecued, braised, steamed or stewed.

Opinions are divided on whether it tastes as bad as it smells, but if you’re curious to find out, you can find them in Singapore at the one place that sells it:

Mini Star Fermented Beancurd (星仔(香港)臭豆腐)



Other Asian foods up for display are:

  • Baby mouse wine
  • Bull penis
  • Kopi luwak
  • Kumis
  • Pickled sheep’s eye in tomato juice
  • Nattō
  • Fruit bats

The Disgusting Food Museum

Before anyone starts accusing the museum of being insensitive to people’s dietary preferences, listen to what the curators have to say.

Disgust is one of the six fundamental human emotions. While the emotion is universal, the foods that we find disgusting are not. What is delicious to one person can be revolting to another. Disgusting Food Museum invites visitors to explore the world of food and challenge their notions of what is and what isn’t edible.

So what this exhibition intends to do is expose visitors to the vast cultural differences worldwide and make them rethink their perceptions of food.

If you’re planning to travel to Sweden in the next few months and want to check out the Disgusting Food Museum, here are the details:

Location: Slagthuset, Jörgen Kocksgatan 7A, 211 20, Malmö, Sweden.

Exhibition period: 29 October 2018 – 27 January 2019

There’s also a tasting experience offered to groups so you can gather some friends and give this unique experience a go.

Featured image from Disgusting Food Museum.

8 Reasons Going To IconSiam Is Like Visiting All Of Bangkok In One Mall

IconSiam, Bangkok’s Massive Waterfront Megamall Now Open

Are you ready for some Crazy Rich Asian-level opulence and a brand new shopping mecca along the river?

If you’re visiting Bangkok soon, don’t miss IconSiam — Thailand’s biggest and fanciest shopping mall which has just opened along the Chao Phraya River on 12 Nov.

The 54 billion baht (S$2.28 billion) commercial complex offers glamorous retail stores and attractions. And at 525,000 square metres, it’s about 90 times as big as a football field!

That’s a massive upgrade from the usual night markets and shopping malls you’re used to.

From indoor floating markets, to large fountains shows & a massive Takashimaya outlet, here’s a sneak peek at what you – and your wallet – can look forward to.

1. Massive 7-storey Takashimaya

We all know Takashimaya is the go-to store for retail therapy.

It has a vast collection of fashion stores, enrichment centres, beauty salons, restaurants, fitness clubs & more! And at IconSiam, it’s a bigger and better home of more than 500 brands!


If you want an authentic Japanese shopping experience, you’ll find 180 Japanese brands, fan-favourite Cosme included.

The beauty mega-chain is expected to offer 5,000 products from 600 Japanese brands, basically a Japanese-version of Sephora. So, if you love all-things beauty, then don’t miss this!


One entire floor will be home to the Hokkaido Dosanko Plaza, a local specialty shop which stocks fresh produce, sweets and delicacies.


If you want to take a break from some serious shopping, then chill with this Yubari melon soft serve that they’re extremely famous for.


2. Indoor floating market

Thailand is famous for their floating markets featuring boats with friendly vendors selling a ton of fresh food and goods.

IconSiam ups the ante with a floating market — indoors.

Think The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, but with friendly vendors hawking their wares in colourful sampans.


Its architecture and designs are a homage to Thai arts and culture, which makes the experience more exciting and meaningful.

You can find also local crafts, regional specialties, food and beverages here at Sook Siam’s mini floating market.

3. World class museum

If you thought that a mall was the last place you’ll learn about a country’s culture and heritage — think again.

IconSiam’s National Heritage Gallery features valuable antiques and artifacts. You can marvel at the hundreds of statues, paintings, carvings, and chandelier inspired by the shape of woven garlands.


If you’re craving for an international experience, visit the Temporary Exhibition Gallery. It will feature masterpieces of renowned artists from around the world, and be the venue for art-related activities and world-class museums.

4. All the luxury brands your credit card can afford

ICONLUXE is a Crazy Rich Asian’s dream.

The globally iconic store is home to world-class brands in categories, including fashion, jewelry and timepieces. Just take a look at these massive chandeliers and retail havens:



Want to buy the latest iPhone? Visit Thailand’s first Apple store.


Looking for a personalized and design-savvy footwear? You can find a mix of footwear and apparel at the first Nike Kicks Lounge in Southeast Asia.

What makes this special is that you can get retail services such as garment tailoring, customized tees, hoodies and sports bras, and custom printing of Nike’s original designs and logos.


Other brands that are slated to open include H&M, H&M-owned fashion label Cos, Aland lifestyle concept store from Korea, JD Sports, and local accessories brand Naraya.

5. Fancy Japanese cuisine & decadent deserts

IconSiam is a foodie’s dream.

You’ll find popular destinations like Katsukara from Japan.

Famed for their well-friend and crispy Tonkatsu, soothing Miso soup, and copious amounts of sauce based on your preference — it’s a gastronomical experience unlike any other.


Have a passion for authentic Thai cuisine? Baan Khanitha The Heritage is set to open this November.

It offers refined Thai classics like the Goong Ayudhaya Pud Song Kruang, which is a stir-fried Ayudhaya giant prawn with chilli, roast chilli paste, ginkgo, cashe nut, and crispy hot basil.


We love that IconSiam isn’t just for High-SES foodies.

If you’re on a budget, there are more than 100 restaurants you can choose from like Black Summer Dessert Bar.

Their colorful and yummy Icyfrity will delight both your stomach and Instagram feed.


6. State-of-the-art auditorium

Want to watch a concert and a movie? Their 3-000 seat venue looks set to take your breath away.


The state-of-the-art auditorium boasts the latest projection and sound equipment.

We have no doubt that catching the latest Marvel movie in this cinema will change your theatre experience forever.

7. Dazzling musical fountain shows

Conclude your adventure with one of the largest fountain shows in Asia.

Step aside Fountain of Wealth at Suntec, you’ll definitely be amazed by their show’s stunning lights and special effects.


Not impressed by water shows?

At River Park, you can take a stroll, gaze at the riverside landscape and enjoy the dazzling lights.


You might also catch some national events and world-class performances here.

How do I get there?

Here’s how to get to IconSiam:


You can ride the BTS Gold Line connecting BTS Krung Thonburi to Taksin Hospital. The station’s names are pretty straightforward, so you can just exit at Icon Siam Station (G2).

What are you waiting for? Grab your passports & bring lots and lots of baht. Get more bang for your buck with these amazing opening day deals here.

There’s no better time to go on a Thai shopping spree with friends and family!

Only this time, there’s really only one mall you need to visit.

Featured image from IconSiam and Baan Khanitha The Heritage.

Punggol Town Hub’s Impressive Facilities Will Save You A Trip To Tampines In 2021

Punggol Town Hub To Open In 2021

Punggol residents, your voices have been heard!

In 3 years’ time, an integrated town hub will officially open just for you.


Over the years, residents have made suggestions on how to make Punggol a better heartland, said Dr Janil Puthucheary, an MP for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC.

Finally, it seems like these recommendations have all been taken into consideration.

The new community and lifestyle hub, will be specially designed with amenities catered to 146,000 residents’ needs.

Multi-facility Punggol Town Hub opens in 2021

The opening of Punggol Town Hub (PTH) come 2021 features a massive new hawker centre, regional library, a childcare centre and multiple healthcare facilities.


One highlight of PTH is the revamped Punggol Vista CC, which is 7 times larger than a normal void deck’s community centre.


The cycling path around the vicinity will also be connected to a larger cycling network in Punggol in a bid to encourage citizens to lead an active lifestyle.

Easily accessible via public transport

Despite spanning a whopping 42,300 sqm, Punggol Town Hub looks set to be extremely accessible to the public — just a stone’s throw away from Punggol MRT, Punggol Town Square and Sam Kee LRT Station.

Not only will it be located opposite landmarks like Waterway Point, it will also be linked to Punggol MRT station via a linear green park.

You can access PTH via a pedestrian overhead bridge at Punggol Regional Sports Centre too!

Just what the neighbourhood needs


With various facilities under one roof, we believe that Punggol’s spanking new town hub will bring greater convenience to all residents, and foster a greater sense of community.

This is also a great time to remind couples of Punggol’s impressive waterfront BTO launches.

Now that Punggol residents no longer have to travel to Tampines to run errands, Punggol pride could be a real thing in the near future too.

You’ll also love:

5 Reasons Why Punggol’s Waterfront Living Is like The BTO Version Of Sentosa

Featured image from Facebook

S’poreans Can Now Go On Cashless Shopping Sprees At Chatuchak, Platinum Mall & Train Markets

1.6 Million Vendors In Thailand Now Accept QR Code Payments

When you visited Thailand back in the day, the money you spent was limited to the amount of baht you had in your wallet.

Which is probably never enough.

Fortunately, Singaporeans can use Singtel’s new Dash mobile app to shop and dine at over 1.6 million stores across Thailand! All you need is to scan the merchant’s QR code in the Dash app starting Tuesday (2 Oct).

Now that you can pay on mobile, here are must-visit Bangkok staples for your next weekend getaway

From traditional Thai massages, to mani-pedis at train markets & wardrobe overhauls at Platinum Mall, get ready to spend to your heart’s content.

1. Health Land Spa

Most Singaporeans will have this activity high on their must-do list when visiting Bangkok.

We’re talking about a traditional Thai massage. Thank your lucky spas for Health Land is one of the merchants who will now offer QR code payment as well!

Their dedicated therapists will slather fragrant oils during personalised massages — helping to relieve tension, improve circulation and soothe your mind and body.


Pretty soon, you’ll be refreshed and ready to return to the rat race.


Treatments include Traditional Thai massage, aromatherapy body massage, abhyanga massage, Thai herbal compress, foot reflexology and many more.

Opening Hours: 9am-12am, Mon-Sun
Reservations: Call +66 (0) 81 442 7391 by 9pm daily, or check out their website for pricing information. Remember to arrive 15 min prior to your appointment.
LocationsAsokeSathorn, EkkamaiSrinakarinRama II, Chaeng Wattana

2. After You Dessert Cafe

If there is one thing that foodies love, it’s desserts that taste as good as they look.

And this is exactly what you’ll find on a popular dessert cafe chain After You in Bangkok.

Famed for their thick Shibuya Toast topped with ice-cream, copious amounts of drizzled honey and all manner of delectable toppings, it’s a gastronomical experience unlike any other.

We’ll let the pictures do the talking.


Don’t forget the yummy and artistic kakigoris.

3. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Anybody who’s anybody knows that this is a massive weekend market comprising of 27 sections, 70 rai (17 acres) and 8000 stalls.

You’ll definitely need a few days to understand where you are, as you move across the labyrinth of stalls selling bags, cosmetics and other quirky items at extremely low prices.


You can start with these hand-painted cloth loafers from Paint My Shoes.


Looking for bags to display your love for your furry friends? Make a stop at Gigi Cats A Dogs!


Their adorable animal-themed bags will make even your friend with a heart of stone go ‘aww’.

Head to DOTH if you desperately need to upgrade your wardrobe!

Their office-chic dresses and digital wallet-friendly designs will definitely allow you to mix it up in the office and on that Fridate with your significant other.


4. JJ Market

JJ Market or Jatujak market is Thailand’s shopping paradise.

Unlike the many stalls you can find on Chatuchak market, they specialise in “limited edition” items for products in the arts, music and design industry.

So, it’s no surprise that you’d find vintage Levi’s from Srithongdang:


If you’re tired of the warm and hot weather, then go to JJ mall. They come fully-equipped with elevators, escalators and air-conditioning.

Plus, they have 1,200 shops hawking various merchandises like fashion items, home decor and many more!

Here, you can shop all-things leather at Tak Tau Idea.


If you’re craving some genuine leather bags, check out Kawin’s bag.


5. Big C Supermarket

Who doesn’t love snacks? Thailand’s Big C supermarket chain has all your snacks and more!

Be on the lookout for these treats:

Koh Kae Nuts are a definitely must-buy! These bottles of flavoured nuts will be a welcome addition to your office pantries and home’s snack tables.


This needs no explanation. Tao Kae Noi seaweed is a constant presence in our hearts and a sure-fire way to rid yourself of midnight munchies.


6. Train Night Market Srinakarin

Train Night Market Srinakarin is a shopping paradise of brightly lit light bulbs and massively colourful tents.

Their nightly offerings include street food, obscure indie fashion brands & live music.


One of our favorites is SAYLEB by ARTJUNG. It’s THE place to get your nails done up in a perfectly adorable way.


7. MBK

MBK (Mah Boon Krong) Mall is another well-known shopping centre in Bangkok.

Like Thailand’s many massive shopping complexes, MBK has everything. Bags, clothes, shoes — you name it and they have it.


What makes them unique is that they’re a great hangout for families and friends.

They have a huge bowling alley, ice skating rink and a gorgeous cinema theatre with all of the latest films playing on the silver screens.

And if you want to find Thai dishes all-in-one place, visit MBK Food Island.


8. Platinum Fashion Mall

Need inspiration for your next OOTD?

Platinum Fashion Mall is home to 1,300 shops with 4 entire floors of shopping spaces.


They stock everything related to fashion from Korea, Hong Kong, Japan. China and India. You can find everything from evening dresses, underwear, children’s wear to handbags, belts and many more.

If you’re looking for inexpensive hand-made and tailor-made suits, don’t miss BOYPLAYGROUND!


You can also check out knitwear at Zasum:


City of angels & endless shopping sprees

We’re extremely excited to start bringing back our loot without the hassle of handling crumpled cash & smelly coins.

Especially since almost every place on BKK-trippers’ bucket lists seems to be joining the QR code payment revolution that’s fast approaching our shores.

Besides these featured vendors, do check out the full list of participating merchants to find out if your favourite shopping destination has made the list.

Happy shopping everyone!

Featured image from Instagram, Health Land Spa and Facebook.

Capital 21 Mall In JB Opening On 17 October, So Get Your Wallets Ready

JB’s Largest Mall With An Indoor Theme Park Opens In 2 Weeks

Are you still thinking of how to make the most of the high SGD – Ringgit rate?

Well, don’t think any further because Capital 21 Mall will be opening in Johor Bahru (JB) on 17 October!

You won’t have to travel very far either since it’s only a 20-minute drive from the Woodlands checkpoint.

We went there and discovered this:

Capital 21 Mall In JB Is A Mess, Despite Opening Officially On 17 Oct

If you’re still hesitating about making that trip, here’s a reminder why you should visit Capital 21 before everyone swarms it.

Travel the world in one shopping mall


From the elevation floor plan alone, you can see that it’s far from the usual shopping mall.

If you’ve been feeling envious of friends who’ve been travelling the world on holidays or school trips, here’s your chance to outdo them.

Boasting retail zones themed around different continents, you’ll be exploring the world in one trip around Capital 21.


You can start from the first continent on the upper ground floor, America.

Ever imagined yourself as a film character walking the streets of New York or taking in the bright lights of Hollywood?


You can live those fantasies right here without having to spend lots of money or long, butt-aching hours on a plane ride.


Take the escalator one level up and you’ll find yourself in a different continent.

Capital 21’s European zone whisks you away to famous cities like Venice and London with its realistic reenactments.


Escalators leading to gateways displaying names of popular Tube stations make you feel like you’ve been transported to the heart of London.

The adjacent hallways create the atmosphere of shopping along quaint streets much like the affluent West end of London. Think Kensington and Notting Hill.

Source: Capital 21

This is an actual image of the completed hallway. The grand arches and hanging lamps scream aesthetics perfect for your next Instagram post.

If you prefer a less cliched European destination, you can simply walk over to Italy, the country of high fashion and the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Source: Capital 21

The high fashion retail area imitates the streets of Milan. Time to whip out the RM and make it rain as you sashay down the hallways.

Southeast Asia’s largest indoor theme park

Besides the themed zones, the mall also boasts the region’s largest indoor theme park.

And that’s great because most of us would have tried the rides at USS one too many times. So checking out Capital 21’s indoor theme park would be a welcome change.

Run by MCM Studio, the theme park features a Cartoon Planet, Music Planet and Movie Planet. There’s really something for everyone.

Cartoon Planet

For parents who need somewhere to let their children spend their energy, Cartoon Planet has many kid-friendly attractions.

Source: Capital 21

Source: Capital 21

Wear the kids out with some rides, live shows or time spent at the cartoon-themed playgrounds so they won’t bother you while you shop later.

Music Planet

If Cartoon Planet doesn’t appeal to your inner child, you can watch live musicals instead.

The current headliner is the London Musical Circus which features acts that will keep you at the edge of your seats.



As if show tunes and crazy acrobatics aren’t enough, there’s also the famous Globe of Death.


Movie Planet

Visuals of Movie Planet have yet to be released, but with rides featuring Transformers, Dinosaur World and a Haunted House, it already sounds too exciting to resist.

How do I get there?

Here’s how to get to Capital 21 from the Causeway:

Currently, no shuttle bus services have been offered to Capital 21.

If you’re driving from Singapore and entering JB via the Woodlands Checkpoint, the route is pretty straightforward.

If you’re taking other forms of transportation like bus or train and alighting at different locations in JB, you can Grab from those places to Capital 21.

The drive from popular malls like City Square (across JB customs) or AEON Tebrau City average at about 15 minutes.

Theme park fees

As of now, no entry fees for the theme park have been announced.

Our guess is that it’s free access for shoppers like the one in Berjaya Times Square, so you’ll only have to pay for the rides or shows of your choice.

So grab your passports & get those stacks of ringgit ready.

There’s no better time to jio your friends for a weekend getaway to JB!


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8 Free Things To Do At Sentosa Since Admission’s Also Free For More S’poreans

8 Free Sentosa Activities For The Family

Back in the day when the Merlion was all the island resort had to offer, locals loved to gripe that Sentosa was too expensive.

Which probably explains this hilarious interpretation of their name:

SENTOSA: So Expensive and Nothing TO See Anyway

But from 1 Oct, Sentosa’s offering free admission to these groups of guests, perhaps in a bid to change this perception:

  • School groups on weekdays*
  • Community groups on weekdays*
  • Cyclists and Personal Mobility Device (PMD) users

*Excluding public holidays.

Now that entering Sentosa isn’t gonna cost you a single cent, here’s how you can enjoy a fun day out with family friends at no cost at all!

From firework shows, free bird shows & exploring hidden caves, here are 8 things we recommend that you check off your to-do list when you’re there.

1. Super fun beach activities

Want to get away from the city buzz? Now you can head to Siloso beach to play beach volleyball, ultimate frisbee and football for free!


Don’t forget to head over to Palawan Green too if you wanna catch free screenings of Hollywood blockbusters and Oscar-worthy films.


Not an athletic type? Don’t worry – you can read a good book and listen to music at Tanjong Beach. Best part is, the scenic view!


Single and ready to mingle? Or just want to have some fun? You can party here too! Tanjong Beach Club has a lively string of parties you can join all year round.


If you, have spare cash to burn however, consider having a DIY BBQ or enjoying live music on Beerkini Rocks and Beach Brunch Beats.

2. Become one with nature

If you love nature, then take a hike at Sentosa Nature Discovery. The short trek offers an up and close experience with 20 different species of birds, insects, wildlife and plants.


What about shows or antics by birds, reptiles and monkeys? You can enjoy them for free at Animal & Birds Encounters.

Their free program starts at 2pm with live commentary on lories, followed encounters with parrots and animals.


If you want to embrace your wild side, you can experience multi-animal encounters at Palawan Amphitheatre.

3. Discover reefs & hidden caves

Located behind Rasa Sentosa, Tanjong Rimau never fails to attract visitors looking for a seaside adventure.

Travellers often find themselves exploring off the beaten tracks and small caves.


Do come early to see the many crabs, corals and starfish that are only visible during low tide.


4. Go back in time & visit an actual fortress

Want to dive into history? You can find a wealth of historical treasures, including memorabilia, coastal guns and remains of fortified military tunnels at Fort Siloso.

Priding itself as “Fortress Singapore” at the start of WWII,  it boasts of fortified tunnels and interactive zones, amongst other military structures.


Much to our delight, they’ll offer free day tours between 3-4:30pm this October!

5. Imagine you’re at a coastal city at Quayside Isle

At Quayside Isle you get an amazing view of the setting sun and nearby yachts.

It’ll almost seem like you’re traveling to a coastal city.


6. Take selfies with the other Merlion

No adventure is complete without a selfie to immortalise the event.

So grab your smartphone, find the perfect angle, and take loads of pictures with the larger Merlion!


On 29 Sep, you can also enjoy a free performance from Suncountry Dance Studios from 5-7pm at Merlion Plaza.


7. Magnificent views at Fort Siloso Skywalk

Speaking of selfies, Fort Siloso Skywalks boasts magnificent views of Keppel Harbour, Mount Faber and Western Sentosa.

The scene will make your jaw drop, but be careful not to drop your smartphones in the water while taking those pics.


8. Stunning light shows & fireworks

Conclude your adventure with a superb fireworks show & stunning light and water effects at the Waterfront of Resorts World Sentosa at 8 pm.


The show also includes massive steel cranes that move in the midst of the special effects.


Not impressed by fireworks and steel cranes? At Sentosa Boardwalk, you can take a stroll, gaze at the stars and enjoy the dazzling lights.


Mark your calendars

Forget aspiring to be a Crazy Rich Asian, and say hello to all the crazy free things you can do.

With all the fun-stuff you can enjoy with your squad, you won’t have to cancel hangouts or wait for your dream vacations to come true.

Block out a day or two, coordinate your calendars, and get ready to have a blast for free at our island’s island getaway.

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