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New Naratif Responds To ELD’s Police Report, Calls It Abuse Of Laws Against Critics

They allege that the laws are broad and arbitrary.

S’pore Parliament Reopens On 24 Aug, PM Lee Hopes For Constructive Debates

Together we'll build a better Singapore.

Pritam Singh Says WP Will Keep Making Proposals, Notes They Rely On Volunteers Vs...

It remains to be seen whether the PAP will be more open, he said.

WP’s Stronger Vote In GE2020 Bodes Well For S’pore, Tharman Says PAP Will Review...

He thinks S'pore's politics has changed permanently.

PAP’s Campaigning Style Wasn’t Main Reason For Vote Swing, Lawrence Wong Says It Was...

There was also a fall in support among private-property dwellers.


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