Winter Returns To Singapore, As Temperature Dips To 22°C In December

For Singapore, this is as winter as it gets.

This List Of Singaporean Hokkien Words Will Help You Understand Every Jack Neo Movie...

Guide To Singaporean Hokkien A local reddittor named "crimsonSoldier" has spent an unholy amount of time collecting and translating uniquely Singaporean Hokkien swear phrases and even assigning them a value of offense level. The list, delivered in two parts, is just about handy enough to guide the uninitiated through army and school life. The writer...

Influencer Christabel Chua Turns Her Video Scandal Into A Rallying Call In Open Letter

Christabel Chua Aka BellyWellyJelly Finally Addresses 'That Incident' In May Imagine waking up one day, only to find lewd images of you splashed all over the Internet. You've made the front page. Your privacy violated, your reputation in shatters. To make matters worse, you have no idea who to trust anymore --...

North Sentinel Island Is Getting Thousands Of Troll Reviews On Google

Google might actually be wrong.

This Cheeky Condensed Milk Can With Lee Kuan Yew On It Gives Us Life

Can Papa Lee nostalgia still give Singaporeans the feels?

NUS Students Mourn Engin Canteen’s Closure, Now S’poreans Are Sad Too

You will be dearly missed Ayam Panggang stall.

15 Cartoons That Have Completely Different Meanings For Kids Vs Adults

Growing Up With Cartoons Growing up, we all probably watched cartoons, unless you were stranded on an island of some sort, like those poor people on Lost. However, viewing a cartoon as an adult can be markedly different from enjoying a cartoon as a kid. What was once cute and funny, can...



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