14 Ways Singapore Aunties Execute Subtle Powerplays Every CNY

Show some mercy please.

Temasek Sec Student Gives CPR To Bus Accident Victim, Her Cadet Corps Training Saved...

Heroes save lives, regardless of their ages.
Naomi Neo photoshop

Naomi Neo’s Instagram Post Brings Out The Worst in Keyboard Warriors

Naomi Neo's Instagram Photoshop Popular instagram influencer Naomi Neo uploaded an instagram picture, which showed obvious photoshopping of her arm. Not all of her 150,000 followers took well to it. Some responded with amusement, white others started ridiculing her. I found it strange that people could get worked up about such...

S’pore Mint Launches Mickey Mouse Medallions To Usher In The Year Of The Rat

What's next? Peppa Pig x Singapore Mint?

10 S’poreans Who Prove PSLE Scores Don’t Dictate Your Success In Life

These Successful Singaporeans Scored Less Than 200 For PSLE Grades don’t define you. There are many paths to success. This is what founders of Life Beyond Grades wholeheartedly believe in, as they dream of a future where kids are no longer measured on an academic yardstick. Hold your horses -- they aren’t...

8 Groups Who Won’t Be Affected By The Fare Hikes

Transport fare hikes won't affect entire population ...or so the Public Transport Council says. And they're actually right. The 2.8% increase in public transport fares will not affect 1.1 million commuters. Who exactly are these 1.1 million lucky buggers? We read between the lines and source out this mythical population. Senior...

5 Potential Candidates To Lead The PAP Team For Aljunied GRC

Can Lee Hsien Loong checkmate Low Thia Khiang? When interviewed on a possible return to politics, George Yeo ruled himself out saying, " I dont see myself returning to politics." With George Yeo ruling himself out, the leader seat of the PAP Aljunied team remains empty with no obvious successor. Yet, it...


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