S’porean Father Shows Unconditional Love By Supporting His Daughter’s Life Choices

A touching tale of unconditional fatherly love.

Rat Tries To Steal BreadTalk Bun In Philippines; Hilariously Caught In The Act On...

Couldn't resist the aroma of fresh buns.

Wedding Planner Bails On S’porean Couple, Their Loved Ones & Even Strangers Step In...

The wedding was put together at the last minute.

The Survey About Graduates Expecting Starting Pay Of $4,000 Is Bollocks

STJob.sg's survey distorts results, paints graduates in a negative light On 4 March, AsiaOne published an article about a survey conducted by STJobs.sg, claiming that "1 in 5 graduates" expect $4,000 starting pay. But anybody who bothered to read the article would eventually realize that the proportion of graduates who claim this, is...


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