12 Stages Of Documenting Your Mid-Autumn Festival On Instagram

Getting the perfect picturesque feed The Mid-Autumn Festival, better known as the “Mooncake Festival” (for obvious reasons) is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar when the moon appears at its fullest and brightest. During the festival, Chinese families around the world gather over...

Loving Father Pays For Son’s Dream Phone Using Coins He Saved Daily

A father's love is truly unconditional.

Temasek Sec Student Gives CPR To Bus Accident Victim, Her Cadet Corps Training Saved...

Heroes save lives, regardless of their ages.

GrabCar Driver Gets A Pleasant Surprise When Passenger Delivers Baby In Car

Couple's Baby Born In The Backseat Of a GrabCar When Grabcar driver Alvin Riar picked up Mr Musaddiq & Mdm Liyana, he knew that time was of the essence. In the additional comments section, the couple had indicated "Pregnant wife in labour". However, the 29 year old did not know that...

A Millennial’s View Of Lee Kuan Yew

Millennials aren't exactly celebrating his passing In 2013, The Real Singapore posted an article written by Jeremy Sia, titled “More Young People are Looking Forward to LKY’s Death”. Sia quoted two people in his article, Edmund Tan, an undergraduate, and Muhammad Fadhil, a media consultant. Fadhil was quoted as saying that...

7 Issues That Will Inevitably Be Debated In The Coming Singapore General Elections

What Will Politicians Be Rallying About? Last Sunday (21 June), the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) outlined several issues that they intend to focus on in their rallies for coming General Election. The agenda, outlined at a forum marking SDP's 35th anniversary, consists of the higher cost of living, immigration issues,...


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