S’porean Rates Food Delivery Customer Service, Ranks Deliveroo Top For Quick Reply & Refund

Conciseness was a priority for this netizen.

SafeEntry Officer Rants About S’poreans’ Antics, Urges Us To Show Our Displays Properly When...

Stop assuming SafeEntry officers have "god like speed reading" skills.

Man Buys Book Titled ‘Meow’, It Gets Meowing Reviews On Amazon

Arguably the best book in its cat-egory.

Pringles Japan Has 161cm Cans On 11 Nov, ‘Cause Chips Are The Only Baes...

No such thing as too many chips.

40-Year-Old Woman In India Slaps Teen After Being Called “Auntie”, Police Break Them Up

Be careful when you call someone auntie next time.

Marina Bay Sands Photo Booth Pictures Go Viral, Unglam Images From 2012 Spark Nostalgia

Unglam pictures that stood the test of time.

Kamala Spelt Backwards Is ‘Alamak’, S’poreans Are Tickled By US Election Memes

How much for your Trump card? One Pence.

Men In India Disguise As Genie To Con Doctor Into Buying ‘Magic Lamp’, Get...

Sounds like these 2 could use the wishes from the lamp instead.

PM Lee & World Leaders Turn Into Oppas, Netizens Wanna See Noona Version Too

Which is your favourite oppa or noona?


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