SMRT Driver Allegedly Stops Bus To Use Washroom At Same Time & Place On...

Perhaps it's his designated spot for toilet breaks.

Mrbrown Says There’s No Point Blaming Anyone For Covid-19 Spread, Virus Our Only Enemy

Singapore is only as strong as its weakest link during the pandemic.

This Quiz Will Test How Well You Know S’pore KTV & Condo Names

Is Corona Ville a KTV or condo name?

Ho Ching Is S’pore’s New MEMELORD

Memes aren't just for the 'lolz'.

KTV Alibi Service Offered On Carousell, Post Taken Down Within 2 Hours

When you gotta explain why you were at a KTV lounge.

CCK Resident Mistakes Neighbour’s Salted Fish For Dead Baby & Calls Police

The police examined the basket only to find salted fish & ginger.

Man Asks Carouseller Selling McDonald’s BTS Meal Packaging To Leave It In Bin 

The Carouseller priced the packaging at $12.

Bird Hitches Ride On MRT & Leaves Little ‘Gifts’ On Seat

Looks like poopy gifts.


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