Ah Ma Posts Sincere Video Message, Sharing LKY Stories To Ask Us To Vote...

Woke granny tells us to exercise our right to vote.

‘Smelly’ Package Of Durians Forces Post Office In Germany To Evacuate Entire Building

One man's meat is another man's poison.

Theme Park Boss Rides Rollercoaster In Silence, Proves ‘No Screaming’ Rule Is Doable

Kept a poker face on 79m high coaster.

Smokers Allegedly Loiter & Spit At Bedok Staircase, Resident Calls Them Out In Hilarious...

He threatened to report them to the authorities.

GrabFood Rider Accidentally Gets Pinned In Lift, Customer Comes To His Rescue

That does not look like a comfortable pose.

Noah Yap Riddled Twice By Foodpanda, Later Gets Refund For Undelivered Order

He was on the receiving end of a yogurt pun too.


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