Millenia Walk Bakery Thief Steals Only Bread Toppings, Staff Puts Up Sign Begging Her...

Why didn't she just take the whole bread?

Steaming Baos Using An Iron In The Hotel Room Is The Travel Hack Every...

Don't let your mum see this.

Internship In India Will Pay You ~S$1,900 To Sleep 9 Hours A Day For...

Putting your skills to good use.

Girl Claims Pimples Disappear After Cat Licks Her Face Every Day For 3 Months

Who says skincare has to be expensive?

GrabFood Rider Jokingly Uses Motorised Toy Car To Whizz His Way Through Deliveries

Because modern problems require modern solutions.

Man Tries To Rescue A Homeless Hen, Wins 1,000 Chickens For $1 By Mistake

Your house got space for 1,000 eggs or not?


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