This Singaporean Hokkien Word List Helps You Follow Every Jack Neo Movie Created

Limpeh's guide to swearing in Hokkien.

Winter Returns To Singapore, As Temperature Dips To 22°C In December

For Singapore, this is as winter as it gets.

S’porean DJ Jade Rasif Broke Up With Ex Over Drumlets Then Got Him Fired

Hell hath no fury like Jade Rasif scorned.

North Sentinel Island Is Getting Thousands Of Troll Reviews On Google

Google might actually be wrong.

15 Cartoons That Have Completely Different Meanings For Kids Vs Adults

Growing Up With Cartoons Growing up, we all probably watched cartoons, unless you were stranded on an island of some sort, like those poor people on Lost. However, viewing a cartoon as an adult can be markedly different from enjoying a cartoon as a kid. What was once cute and funny, can...

12 Things Peter Lim Owns That Will Make You Jelly

Remisier King Not Such A Miser Peter Lim is the very definition of a Singaporean boy made good. The son of a fishmonger, he graduated with a degree in accountancy, and moved into brokering. These days, he is one of Singapore's richest men, with an estimated net worth of $2.5...

19-Year-Old Tries To Flirt With ‘Ask Jamie’ AI Chatbots On Government Websites

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 'Ask Jamie' Chatbots On Government Websites Predictably Don't Flirt Back We sent our writer on a mission to find love in a hopeless place -- the Internet. A chatbot named Jamie on an official government website caught his eye. This is his deeply personal account of...

3-Metre Python Took An Actual Toilet Break At HDB Maisonette In Eunos

Sssomething ssstrange, in the neighbourhood.

13 Epic Singapore Meme Origins That Confirm Make You Say Win Liao Lor

13 Origins Of Singaporean Memes Singapore is a treasure trove of uniquely Singaporean memes, thanks to creative local netizens. From Win Liao Lor to Give This Guy A Medal, we've all seen our fair share of hilarious memes while browsing our feeds. But have you ever paused mid-scroll on your screens to wonder...



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