Man Dresses Up As Zoom Meeting Screen For Halloween, Dubs It “WFH Nightmares”

Horror is a virtual meeting that can be done over email.

Mouse Scurries Around Harbourfront Centre Watsons As If It’s Running From Tom

It seemed to be playing a game of hide and squeak with the woman.

Monkey Explores S’pore Carpark & Admires Its Reflection, Reminds Us Of Our Vain Friends

The monkey simply couldn't get enough of itself.

Man Says MBS Is A Building In Tennessee, S’poreans Reply With Memes Galore

Who said Singaporeans aren't creative?

Taiwanese Man Gets Diabetes After Drinking Super Sweet Coffee For 730 Days To Woo...

Should've gone for kopi C kosong instead.

‘Ghost Nun’ At Sengkang Car Park Scares Driver So Much That He Starts Cursing

Imagine seeing this at night during the 7th month.

Saffrons Restaurant Staff Wear Pick-Up Line T-Shirts That’ll Make Your Heart Less Kosong

These #mamakpickuplines are sure to work.


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