Hot Guy Reads A Book On Our MRT; Becomes Overnight Internet Sensation

Check that dude - I mean - book out.

MINDEF Paid $200,000 Extra For Grass-Cutting Over 6 Years: Auditor-General’s Office Report

600 Words Were Written About Grass-Cutting Overpayments By MINDEF In AGO Report To be fair, this was a dry auditing report that no one should have the misfortune of reading. But since it's our job, we've done the digesting for you and here's all you need to know about the dirt...

Singaporean ‘Stands In’ For Nas Daily To Rave About Jewel Changi

Will the real Nas Daily please stand up?

27 Tweets We Found After Stalking #GrowingUpSingaporean That Will Give You Feels

Singaporeans really, really miss their childhood. #GrowingUpSingaporean was all the rage on Twitter the past few days. Source   And if you take a closer look: Source It has even received the distinguished honour of placing third alongside eternal first place thief Harry Styles. Clap. Clap. So of course we had to stalk the hashtag and listicle it. It's just tradition. 27...

Carousell Query Spirals Into Insanity Real Quick Thanks To ‘Cui’ English

Hilarious Carousell Convo Is Proof Not All Singaporeans Are Native English Speakers So you have your eye on a sweet Carousell deal. The next step is to DM the seller to confirm the details. All good eh? No problems there. Unfortunately, that's not how it turned out for a seller & buyer...

8 People Who Didn’t Wish PM Lee A Speedy Recovery (And Why)

Too busy, accidentally forgot, or did things just get personal? Well-wishes have poured in for PM Lee, who will be undergoing an operation to remove his prostate gland today (16 February) at Singapore General Hospital. However, we also noticed certain people/ministries/political parties who failed to make their well-wishes on Facebook. We...

Singaporean Sets Up Camera To Uncover Mystery Of Disappearing Bananas, Finds Bat Thief Instead

Fruit Bat Caught On Camera Stealing Bananas From Bishan Flat For the past few months, Bishan resident Brice Li had been a victim of not only theft, but trespassing, and house break-ins as well. Each time he made his way into the kitchen, the art director would notice his beloved...

19-Year-Old Tries To Flirt With ‘Ask Jamie’ AI Chatbots On Government Websites

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 'Ask Jamie' Chatbots On Government Websites Predictably Don't Flirt Back We sent our writer on a mission to find love in a hopeless place -- the Internet. A chatbot named Jamie on an official government website caught his eye. This is his deeply personal account of...


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