4 Ways To Make People Buy Your Stuff, According To This Viral Carouseller

How to go viral 101: this Carousell seller teaches you how in 4 easy steps You've probably heard of Carousell. It's this app where people sell their "pre-loved" (read: used) stuff. Kinda like a flea market, but online. We featured the app on an article detailing the odd things you can...

Hougang Police Still Looking For ‘Missing Neck’ Thief After 3 Days

Seen him in your neck of the woods?

Somebody At The ST Sports Desk Has No Idea What A Golden Shower Is

When it rain, it pours golden Someone at the Straits Times Sports Desk Twitter account is very excited while covering the SEA Games. And when I say excited, I mean he/she may have slipped in a pun best left to the bedroom. Source Most who saw the tweet were left bewildered: Source Someone, however, retaliated with an...
Confusing Statements Singapore

8 Confusing Statements In 2016 That Left Everyone Stunned Like Vegetable

Confusing Statements That Made Us Go 'Huh?' What a year 2016 has been. But at least we can count on Singapore to be a calm oasis of sense and sensibility amid the chaos. Or can we?!? Turns out that people in Singapore were just as crazy as the rest of the...

Watch This Hilarious AF Video Of Singapore MPs Playing Drums

Singapore MPs Join Hands To Put On A Performance At An ASEAN Meeting Thursday (6 Sep) marked the end of 39th General Assembly of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly. The general assembly is a platform for MPs from around ASEAN to exchange views on important regional matters. While all of this appears...

NUS Café Gives Free Coffee In Return For Lost Coaster Pagers; Netizens Swiftly Identify...

We are still puzzled over why anyone would steal them.


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