Hong Kong Porn Sites Shut Down & Urge Users To Join The Protests

Please, there are more pressing matters than pornography.

These Designer Pants Have A Butt Opening Perfect For A Post-Mala Toilet Apocalypse

You can now literally laugh your ass out.

Kelantan Sultan Allegedly Divorcing Russian Wife After A Year Of Marriage

The former beauty queen had just given birth one month ago.

Women’s Boot Camp 2019 Gives Girls A 2D1N Staycation In SAF Camp For Below...

Free facial, food-tasting and playground facilities.

This Malaysian Lion King Parody Is The Best Thing Since Nasi Lemak & Sambal

Everything the light touches, can be put inside a roti.

S’porean DJ Jade Rasif Broke Up With Ex Over Drumlets Then Got Him Fired

Hell hath no fury like Jade Rasif scorned.

7 Dyson Products That Helped Sir Dyson Afford His $74 Million S’pore Condo

Next up, made-in-Singapore Dyson cars!


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