lochness monster

The Straits Times Reports “Loch Ness Monster” Sighting

The Straits Times Finds Loch Ness Monster In a bid to stay relevant in the face of declining readership numbers, The Straits Times ran a story on Sep 12, 2014 with the headline. “Could this be an image of the Loch Ness monster?” To support their claim, they attached a picture...

Four Singaporean Comic Artists Who Are Taking The Internet By Storm

Four Singaporean Comic Artists To Follow On Facebook Your friends may have shared their comics on social media—or perhaps you are already in the know, and follow them religiously. These independent creators are making a name for themselves and taking the internet by storm with their funny and relatable comics....

Singapore Youths Swap Clothes With Their Elders. Here’s What Happened

Local photographer Qozop's 'Spring/Autumn' photo series is a thought-provoking one—he swapped the clothes of young people with their elders, and these are the results. While we often think of our elder's clothes as old-fashioned and boring, this series shows two generations embracing each other's style and gamely posing for the camera. From every...
Naomi Neo photoshop

Naomi Neo’s Instagram Post Brings Out The Worst in Keyboard Warriors

Naomi Neo's Instagram Photoshop Popular instagram influencer Naomi Neo uploaded an instagram picture, which showed obvious photoshopping of her arm. Not all of her 150,000 followers took well to it. Some responded with amusement, white others started ridiculing her. I found it strange that people could get worked up about such...
Symone Oei

Popular Instagrammer Symone Oei writes the ultimate friend zone caption

Popular influencer Symone Oei had posted the above instagram picture with the following caption: "One of the biggest blessings in my life :) thanks wen, for being one of the best bros anyone can ask for & count on. You're a true friend that I know will always be there...



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