Winter Returns To Singapore, As Temperature Dips To 22°C In December

For Singapore, this is as winter as it gets.

Netizens Think Miss Singapore Dress Is A Knockoff Of Miss Turkey 2015’s Gown

Many prefer Miss Turkey 2015's dress.

North Sentinel Island Is Getting Thousands Of Troll Reviews On Google

Google might actually be wrong.

M’sian Thief Test-Rides Bike, Then Leaves Note Telling Owner Where It Is

The thief just wanted to try riding a big bike.

5 Bridges For Mahathir Because Crooked Bridges Are Too Basic

Because crooked is so 1997.

7 Halloween Costumes For Your Kids To Go Viral Like S-Hook Jie

S-hook mei will be a popular choice this year.

LTA Claps Back At IKEA With Funny Graphic About Bus Stop Benches

LTA takes a jab at IKEA's bus stop bench ad by bringing up the quality of their products. Bringing You To NTU Is The Best Prank Of 2018 Redirects To NTU Homepage; Vice Versa If the National University of Singapore (NUS) rejects you, where do you go? suggests Nanyang Technological University (NTU). And what if NTU rejects you? Well, has a suggestion too -- NUS. In recent days, Internet users have discovered that going to redirects you to...

Yishun Mostly Spared From Islandwide Blackout That Hit 19 Estates

Islandwide SG Blackout Hit Jurong, Woodlands, Bedok & Aljunied Netizens have written in to inform us that despite mainstream media reports, Blk 300 and some "industrial areas" in Yishun were hit by the blackout as well. Multiple areas in Singapore were struck by a massive power outage in the wee...

5 Wild Animal Sightings In Pulau NTU That Are Signs It’s Time To Open...

NTU Campus Hosts Monitor Lizards, Snakes & Boars To many Singaporeans, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), is affectionately known as 'Pulau NTU', mostly due to its ulu location. But did you know that NTU is also frequented by members of the wildlife on a consistent basis? Here are 5 animals that have been sighted...


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