S’pore Customer Requests For McDonald’s Curry Sauce, Delivery Rider Brings One From Home

The delivery rider understood the assignment.

M’sian Man Waits Outside Restaurant While Friends Dine In, He’s Not Fully Vaccinated Yet

He is still waiting to be deemed fully vaccinated.

Beijing Parents Climb Fences To See Kids At School, Others Say They Relate 100%

Probably concerned about their kids' well-being.

Monkey Tries Putting On Mask & Covers Whole Face, Netizens Commend It For Trying

Wanted to see what all the hype is about.

Suntec Arcade Patrons Haul Massive Bunch Of Game Tickets, Store Wants To Reward Them

One of the ladies stumbled & knocked a sign down.

Python Hitches Ride On Car, Looks Like A Grab Passenger

Perhaps it was headed to the zoo?

PM Lee Says ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ During Mic Test, Kamala Harris Continues Rhyme

His joke elicited laughter from Kamala Harris and the crowd at the Istana.

You Can Print Your Vaccination Status On A T-Shirt To Show You’re Fully Protected

Support local businesses while you're at it.


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