This Singaporean Posts A Different Picture Of Chicken Rice Everyday

Chicken Rice Day #241 And Counting We kid you not. This Singaporean man is the epitome of persistence and dedication. Chicken eating rice, we see what you did there Source Labelling his Facebook page as art, the creator does exactly what you'd expect -- uploading "A Different Picture of Chicken Rice Everyday" almost...

3-Metre Python Took An Actual Toilet Break At HDB Maisonette In Eunos

Sssomething ssstrange, in the neighbourhood.

Hong Kong Porn Sites Shut Down & Urge Users To Join The Protests

Please, there are more pressing matters than pornography.

Sang Nila Utama Taught In Schools Today Is A 6-Packed Anime Hunk

Founder of islands and women's dreams.

Rat Tries To Steal BreadTalk Bun In Philippines; Hilariously Caught In The Act On...

Couldn't resist the aroma of fresh buns.

These Designer Pants Have A Butt Opening Perfect For A Post-Mala Toilet Apocalypse

You can now literally laugh your ass out.

Singapore’s Best National Day Gift: K-Pop Group Beaunite Is Back

Beaunite Posts An Instagram Dance Cover On National Day Everyone drop what you are doing. Something amazing just happened. Singapore’s favourite K-Pop group Beaunite is back. Well, sort of. Beaunite gone viral  In December last year, the world as we know it changed when Beaunite uploaded a video called “HEY GUYS WE ARE BEAUNITE”....


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