Somebody At The ST Sports Desk Has No Idea What A Golden Shower Is

When it rain, it pours golden Someone at the Straits Times Sports Desk Twitter account is very excited while covering the SEA Games. And when I say excited, I mean he/she may have slipped in a pun best left to the bedroom. Source Most who saw the tweet were left bewildered: Source Someone, however, retaliated with an...

GrabFood Rider Jokingly Uses Motorised Toy Car To Whizz His Way Through Deliveries

Because modern problems require modern solutions.

S’pore Customer Wants To Hide Online Purchase From Mum, Shop Labels Parcel As ‘Books’

The mouse literally sneaked into the house.

19-Year-Old Tries To Flirt With ‘Ask Jamie’ AI Chatbots On Government Websites

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 'Ask Jamie' Chatbots On Government Websites Predictably Don't Flirt Back We sent our writer on a mission to find love in a hopeless place -- the Internet. A chatbot named Jamie on an official government website caught his eye. This is his deeply personal account of...

Teen Just Wants To Poop In Peace, But A Toilet Brawl Crashed Into His...

They simply continued fighting despite the crash.

Netizen Hilariously Ranks Masks By Their ‘Power Score’ For Effectiveness Against The Haze

A funny way to interpret what kind of masks there are.

M’sian Lady Exchanges $50 Million Hell Note For Ringgit; Money Changer Thinks She’s A...

The exchange rates were out of this world.


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