Stunning Blue Flower Field In Japan Goes Viral, Festival Was Cancelled Due To Covid-19

The flower field is made up of 4.5 million stalks of Nemophila.

Couple In Sengkang ‘Rescues’ Leftover Food From Wholesalers So They Can Feed The Needy

Helps feed more than a hundred people daily.

Gong Cha Giving Delivery Riders Free BBT On 23 Jun, To Thank Them For...

Thanking them with the drinks they helped deliver.

Student Leaves $2 Pocket Money Tip, Prawn Mee Hawker Wants To Treat Her Back

She felt bad for not finishing the rice.

8 Liu Yifei Facts As She Plays Mulan IRL, She’s Born In Wuhan &...

Speaks 4 languages & beat 1,000 girls for the part.

Lee Suet Fern Donates Beautiful Quilt To Charity, Funds Will Go Towards Disabled

She'll be matching the winning bid dollar for dollar.

Elderly Man In Woodlands Has Trouble Crossing Path On Scooter, Workers Stop Work To...

Small acts of kindness can go a long way.


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