NUS IT Professor Gives Perfect Love Advice To Student & Wins The Internet

Just follow Prof Ben's Dating Protocol v1.

S’porean DJ Jade Rasif Broke Up With Ex Over Drumlets Then Got Him Fired

Hell hath no fury like Jade Rasif scorned.

Couple Turns Old $315K Bishan HDB Into A Modern B&W Beauty With 4.9m High...

Who needs a BTO flat, when you can turn a resale flat into this?

Hot Guy Reads A Book On Our MRT; Becomes Overnight Internet Sensation

Check that dude - I mean - book out.

15 Cartoons That Have Completely Different Meanings For Kids Vs Adults

Growing Up With Cartoons Growing up, we all probably watched cartoons, unless you were stranded on an island of some sort, like those poor people on Lost. However, viewing a cartoon as an adult can be markedly different from enjoying a cartoon as a kid. What was once cute and funny, can...

Busy Boyfriend Makes Chatbot To Reply His GF; She Ends Up Sending It 300...

300 texts a day, keeps relationship woes away.

12 Things Peter Lim Owns That Will Make You Jelly

Remisier King Not Such A Miser Peter Lim is the very definition of a Singaporean boy made good. The son of a fishmonger, he graduated with a degree in accountancy, and moved into brokering. These days, he is one of Singapore's richest men, with an estimated net worth of $2.5...


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