Women’s Boot Camp 2019 Gives Girls A 2D1N Staycation In SAF Camp For Below...

Free facial, food-tasting and playground facilities.

29-Year-Old Inmate Gets Straight A’s & Tops Prison Cohort For O-Levels, 6 Years Into...

She plans to take her A-Levels later this year.

Dog Without Tail Saved By Dog Lover And Caring Vet

Apollo Chan And Dr Teng The "Everyday Heroes" We hear stories about animal abuse almost every week -- it almost seems like Singapore is filed with cat and dog abusers. We don't blame people for thinking that our society is hopeless when they hear of such lurid cases. Sometimes though, we're lucky...

M’sian Artist Illustrates 8 Hilarious Ways How Godzilla Stands In 3600m-Deep Sea With Only...

How to make Godzilla taller than he already is.

2 Grown Men Arrested For Fighting Over Urinal At Aljunied MRT Station

Aljunied MRT Station Urinal Apparently Worth Fighting Over Four men fought like kids over the last available urinal in a crowded toilet at Aljunied MRT station on Sunday (24 Jun). Police officers breaking up the fight Source What have we come to? Pissed off Apparently, two men in their thirties couldn't agree on whose turn it...
newton hotel royal

Honest Soul Finds $1,000 UOB Cheque, Returns It To Newton Hotel Desk For Owner

Seeking cheque's owner to return it.


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