Steve Irwin Visited Singapore Zoo 2 Years Before He Died And He Loved It

Rest In Peace, Crocodile Hunter.

Fake McDonald’s Singapore Account Took Shots At Wendy’s On Twitter

McDonald’s Singapore Dissed Wendy’s On Twitter But It Was A Fake Account Last Saturday, Singaporeans woke up to the threat of a looming thermonuclear war. 'McDonald’s Singapore' took shots at shade queen Wendy’s on Twitter. We all prepared for the worst -- a greasy clash of fast food giants with Ronald McDonald...

4G Leaders Can’t Command Respect Like “LKY Generation”, Says Netizen

Netizen's Nostalgic Post About Lee Kuan Yew's Generation Leaders Goes Viral A man named Gerard Ong recently shared his take on why our 4G leaders can't command the same amount of respect as LKY's generation. Here's what he had to say in a lengthy 1000-word recount posted on Saturday (29 Aug). We...

S$780 Office Chair Lets You Sit Cross-Legged While You Email Clients Like A Boss

High price to pay to sit like you're back in primary school.

28-Year-Old Pharmacist Works 10 Days Straight Fighting Wuhan Virus, Dies From Exhaustion

He lost his life trying to save many others.

Massive Sun ‘Halo’ Graces S’pore Skies On 22 Sep, Protect Your Eyes When Looking...

Mother Nature never fails to blow us away.


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